Daily API RoundUp: Amazon Moments, ShotTracker, Tanker

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Sports, Identity, and Rewards. Highlights include the ShotTracker API which provides real-time basketball stats via sensor technology. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Amazon Moments is a marketing service that allows developers to encourage user engagement by offering real-life rewards. The Amazon Moments Rewards APITrack this API allows users to reward their customers with physical or digital items and products that are fulfilled by Amazon, when they complete certain actions. Moments is a cross- Platform service for any technology that has an HTTPS connection, and will issue personalized notifications when application customers reach moments. The Amazon Moments Rewards API is listed under the Rewards category.

TheSportsDB is a community database of sports artwork and data. TheSportsDB APITrack this API gives developers access to an open online database of sports data to integrate into applications. It is a simple JSON API that provides a collection of metadata, artwork, results and more. Hundreds of sports including: Soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, ESports, Cycling, Tennis, Cricket, Formula 1 and other motorsports, Golf, Rugby, plus team logos, fanart, rosters, player contracts, TV listings and more is available in the database. The API is listed under the Sports category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Sports APIs.

Here's a small sampling of data available from TheSportsDB

Here's a small sampling of data available from TheSportsDB. Screenshot: TheSportsDB

Tanker provides privacy and data protection services for application builders. The Tanker API & SDKsTrack this API add in-app Encryption capabilities without affecting User Experience or performance. The API enables Tanker to take care of key and identity management, and all user actions are encrypted. Tanker does not store data; all users and groups use their own keys which are associated with their cryptographic identities. SDKs are available for easy Front-end Integration. The API is listed under the Privacy category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Privacy APIs.

Singapore Department of Statistics provides tools and services for accessing statstics data about Singapore's government, economy, industry, trade, population, households, and society. The SingStat Table Builder is provided to build data tables that can be exported into different formats. SingStat Developer APITrack this API returns statistical data in JSON formats on the Singapore Developer table builder. The API is listed under the Statistics category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Statistics APIs.

Here's a sampling of the SingStat Table Builder

Here's a sampling of the SingStat Table Builder. Image: Singapore Department Of Statistics

RapidLEI is a GLEIF accredited service from Ubisecure that automates the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) creation process and delivering process. The LEI uniquely identifies legal entities participating in financial transactions. The RapidLEI APITrack this API provides a way to register and issue accredited LOU/LEI Legal Entity Identifiers. The API allows users to integrate LEI registration and issuance into applications and manage workflows. It is listed under the Identity category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Identity APIs.

Site-shot is a screenshot capture engine. The Site-shot APITrack this API allows developers to specify an URL in order to create website screenshots within applications. Several parameters are supported including zoom percentage, format, and delay time. Responses can be JSON objects or images. The API is listed under the Screenshots category.

Capture customized screenshots with Site-shot API

Capture customized screenshots with Site-shot API. Image: Site-shot

Punk API is an unofficial APITrack this API that allows developers to search Brewdog's catalog of beers programmatically. Users can search beers by ABV, IBU, EBC, name, yeast name, brew date, hops name, malt name, food pairing, and ID. This API is completely free and open source. The Punk API is listed under the Beer category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Beer APIs.

nVent is an electrical company that manufactures heat tracing solutions and heat management systems. The nVent Nuheat Open APITrack this API provides programmatic access to smart thermostats, returning data about controlling thermostats and energy usage. This API is listed in the Energy category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Energy APIs.

ShotTracker provides sensor and wearable technology that delivers automatic real-time basketball stats and analytics. The ShotTracker APITrack this API enables access to basketball team statistics such as zone maps, shot charts, and box scores. This API is capable of displaying a leaderboard for the team or for a specific player, analyze stats, and show live player movement in applications. ShotTracker alsow provides a real-time Websocket API interface for notifications, live meta-data about teams and players, and court information. Both APIs are listed under the Sports category.

Video: Vimeo/ShotTracker

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