Daily API RoundUp: Ambience Data, Sinric Pro, Samsung SmartThings, Flipsnack

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Cryptocurrency and Magazines. Featured today is an API for Soldo business expenses management, and an API for the Samsung home automation Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights APITrack this API enables real-time IoT data insights and interactive analytics in applications. The API provides the following endpoints to manage a Time Series Insights environment: availability, metadata, events, events streamed, aggregates, reference data, and aggregates streamed. The API provides JSON formatted responses, and is listed under Internet of Things category.

Video: YouTube/Microsoft Azure

Paxos is a financial institution focused on building infrastructure for moving physical and cryptocurrency assets. The Paxos APITrack this API allows users to build and integrate products with Paxos digital financial infrastructure. This API utilizes OAuth2 in its authorization flow, and enables third parties with permission to act on behalf of Paxos customers with customer consent. It provides ways to read and manage transaction details, returns a specific Paxos-issued deposit address and more. The API is listed under Cryptocurrency.

Sinric Pro enables developers to integrate IoT development boards (such as the RaspberryPi) with third-party applications or with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Sincric Pro APITrack this API can be used to retrieve device logs, find devices, update devices, and get account details. The API features REST architecture and is also filed in the Internet of Things category.

Sinric Pro API

Image: Sinric

Flipsnack is for publishing online flip-able magazines. The Flipsnack APITrack this API enables users to manage data to design and publish magazines. With the API, developers can manage Flipsnack files, collections, settings,and more. This API is listed under Magazines.

Ambience Data provides an environmental sensor agnostic end-to-end IoT platform that supports smart sensors, monitoring, data analytics and more. The Ambience Data APITrack this API provides real-time, hyperlocal, weather data and pollution data globally. API methods are available for pollution, weather and hourly forecast data. This API is filed in the Weather category.

Captain Data is a web scraping and automation platform. The Captain Data APITrack this API enables developers to view spiders, jobs and schedule spiders for web scraping. It provides a way to list all the spiders created, lists all jobs for a specific spider and more. The service provides specific bots for scraping LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, Crunchbase, Twitter, Leboncoin, Google, Welcome to the Jungle, Mappy, and others. This API is listed in the Data Mining category.

Soldo provides business expense tracking services via prepaid Mastercard credit cards. The Soldo Business APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically interact with the platform. With the API, developers can add Soldo to third-party applications, manage Soldo account information, manage the wallets of a business account, view and manage the transactions in an account and more. A Soldo Webhooks APITrack this API is also available to provide near real-time account events notifications. Both APIs are listed in the Credit Cards category.

Soldo API for tracking business expenses

Image: Soldo

Latvian Car License plate APITrack this API enables technical details of vehicles registered in Latvia by providing their license plate numbers. The API supports model, make, age, VIN number, engine size, and representative image. This service is offered in the form of a SOAP interface with XML requests and responses. It is listed under Auto.

Xpring is an open developer platform for money. Xpring XRP is a digital asset native to the XRP Ledger. The XPRING XRP APITrack this API retrieves digital currency data in JSON format to check balances, send payments, and check the status of a payment. This REST-like API works as a specification and a server for the XRP Ledger. This API is listed under Cryptocurrency.

Samsung SmartThings is a smart home automation platform. The SmartThings APITrack this API enables developers to manage IoT device functions in the Samsung SmartThings platform. API methods are available to manage rooms, devices, application Integration, and more. Samsung SmartThings SmartApps API is accessible indirectly from SDKs and enables developers to build applications for SmartThings functions. These APIs are also listed under Internet of Things.

Zello enables push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities in applications. Unlike traditional walkie talkie radios, Zello has no limits on channels and users. The Zello APITrack this API is used to embed channels into any application, and create ad-hoc conversations on the fly. The API supports anonymous accounts, streaming voice messages, sending images, and sending locations. It is listed under Voice.

flipacoinapi is an APITrack this API for flipping a coin for a "random" outcome of heads or tails. flipacoinapi.com is a free service.

IDAX is an international cryptocurrency exchange platform created by GBC (Global Blockchain Research Centre). The IDAX REST APITrack this API allows developers to interact with the IDAX platform to get account information, order information, transaction history information, market quotes, K-line data, market depth quotes, and more. It can also be used to order and cancel transactions. The IDAX WebSocket APITrack this API allows developers to subscribe to market data, market depth, the transaction record, or K-line data.The APIs are listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

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