Daily API RoundUp: Amplitude, Mercury, Humana, WhoisXML, Webkey

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Security, and Banking. Highlights include an API from Humana for managing healthcare data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Humana provides healthcare services and support. The Humana APITrack this API allows users to manage data, access data, and make data valuable for clients and consumers. API methods are available for drug info, FHIR, ER notifications, HL7 Messaging, Medicare enrollment, nutrition, plan and prescription information, and more. A Humana Push API is available for Platform event notifications. These APIs are listed in the Healthcare category.

Webkey provides an APITrack this API to run an Android device on a browser. The services are useful in POS systems (remote management of cashier, terminal, and digital scales), digital warehousing (maintaining bar code scanners, tablets, and wearable devices), IT management and entertainment (digital kiosks and set-top boxes), and education (managing educational content on classroom tablets). Developers make API requests for Webkey dashboard controls such as tasks, operations, devices, and account management. It is listed in the Hardware category.

Webkey API allows users to control Android devices remotely

Webkey API allows users to control Android devices remotely. Screenshot: Webkey

Fugue is an enterprise cloud security and compliance service. The Fugue APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically access Fugue data relating to their organization’s AWS and Azure environments, scans, and events. This data encompasses the infrastructure itself, its state of compliance, and whether it has drifted from its ideal configuration. The Fugue API is listed under the Security category.

LabStack provides pay-as-you-go APIs for developers. The LabStack Currency APITrack this API enables currency conversions in applications. The API supports returning a list of all supported currencies, and rates relative to the base currency. The LabStack API returns JSON formatted responses and is filed under the Currency category.

Amplitude provides product analysis for converting and retaining users. The Amplitude Dashboard API returns chart results, user sessions, funnel analysis, real-time active users, and annotations data. This API is listed under Analytics.

Paraswap is a cryptocurrency exchange service. The ParaSwap APITrack this API allows applications and traders to access liquidity, price feeds, instant swaps, and payments. The API operates as a Decentralized exchange hub and is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

Paraswap API

Screenshot: Paraswap.io

GatherUp is a customer feedback aggregation platform. It was formerly known as GetFiveStars. The GatherUp APITrack this API enables users to gather customer reviews and ratings from Facebook, Google, WebMD, TripAdvisor, and many other brands into one place. The API returns customer experience data based on feedback and reviews. It is listed in the Feedback category.

Mercury provides banking services that support startups. The Mercury APITrack this API allows users to access Mercury banking accounts, transaction history, make payments to existing recipients and more. The API is listed in the Banking category.

serpstack APITrack this API from apilayer offers an easy REST interface for Google SERP data. It extracts Google search results from any country with straightforward configuration options. Use the API to embed SERP data into a website or application, keep track of Google ranks, and detect competition. It is listed in the SEO category.

WhoisXML API provides APIs for various types of WHOIS, IP, and DNS data for subscribers. Developers can use the WhoisXML Categorization APITrack this API to investigate threats at a URL and identify malicious activities (i.e., malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware), filter content, target e-commerce, protect brands, and integrate data. The Whois XML Screenshot APITrack this API allows users to get screenshots of a web page as a JPG, PNG, and PDF file with embedded links. The Whois XML Contacts APITrack this API allows users to get full contact information of domain owners based on the data parsed from website content, social networks, SSL certificates, and other sources.

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