Daily API RoundUp: Angelcam, Ghost, TypingDNA, RAWG, Formspree

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Games, Government, and Background. Highlights include the RAWG video game database API and TypingDNA API for authenticating users via typing biometrics. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


RAWG is a video game database and video game discovery service. The RAWG Video Games Database APITrack this API enables access to data about video games. The API allows users to search for 300,000 video games on 50 platforms, retrieve data about video games such as publishers, genres, description, etc., get links to all online stores where users can buy a game, and find similar games. This API is listed in the Games category.

FileZigZag can convert files from DOC to PDF, MP4 to MP3, FLV to AVI, PNG to JPG, ZIP to TAR, and between many other formats. The FileZigZag APITrack this API allows developers to integrate file conversion services into their apps and web pages. The FileZigZag API is listed in the Documents category.

Angelcam is a cloud-based service that allows users to access their security cameras remotely and share camera views with selected people. The Angelcam APITrack this API allows developers to connect with and manage their cameras, sensors, and smart security devices programmatically using RESTful calls. Developers will need to contact Angelcam support in order to request a client ID and secret for authorization purposes. The Angelcam API is listed in the Cameras category.

Formspree provides a backend service for millions of form submissions. The Formspree APITrack this API provides services to Fetch form submissions. It allows users to design a form for a static site, and point the action to Formspree. This API is listed in the Forms category.

Formspree API

Screenshot: Formspree.io

Ghost is a Platform for building and running online publications such as blogs, magazines, and news services. The Ghost Admin APITrack this API allows developers to create and manage their content on the Ghost platform. This API can do everything that the Ghost Admin content management interface can. It uses RESTful architecture, and it handles requests and responses in JSON format. The Ghost Webhooks APITrack this API allows developers to trigger specific events when something happens in Ghost, such as publishing a new post or getting a new subscriber.

Riot Games is a video game publisher that produces League of Legends games. The Riot Games Replay API enables camera controls during game replays. Replays need to be enabled in the client's configuration file. This API supports information associated with game progress, current replay playback state, current render properties, video recording status, and file outputs. It is listed under Games.

Kony provides digital banking and mobile application development services. The Kony Streaming APITrack this API returns stream data in JSON format. With the API, developers can monitor live stream data such as live stock market prices and sensor data such as humidity and temperature. This API is listed in the Streaming category.

Request Network is an open financial network for transaction requests that includes support for Blockchain, invoicing, ethereum and more. The Request Network APITrack this API is a RESTful service that enables users to interact with the Request Protocol, abstracting all blockchain-related aspects. Use the API to create and manage requests. This API is currently in alpha, and is running on the Rinkeby Ethereum test network. It is filed in ProgrammableWeb's Blockchain category.

City of New York NYC Geoclient APITrack this API allows developers to integrate with the NYC Department of City Planning's Geosupport system. Geosupport is a mainframe-based geocoding system that provides coordinate and geographic attributes for supported input locations. This is a free, RESTful API that returns results in either JSON or XML format. API calls are limited to 2,500/minute or 500,000/day. The API is listed in the Government category.

bio.tools offers access to scientific information associated with tools, databases, and services for bioinformatics. The bio.toolsTrack this API API supports comprehensive resources for the study of genes and heredity such as genotyping, gene expression, transcription factors, and DNA polymorphism. This information is available in JSON format and is filed in the Science category.

Close by Elastic combines CRM with inside sales for calling & emailing for an optimized workflow designed to close deals. The Close CRM APITrack this API returns customer relationship management data to automate sales. Developers can implement leads, contacts, activities, opportunities, tasks, memberships, users, organizations, roles, email templates, reports, phone numbers, and event logs. The API was added to the Customer Relationship Management category.


Screenshot: Close.com

Tradermade provides accurate real-time market data for developers and startups. The TraderMade APITrack this API provides Forex and CFD quotes. Developers are offered JSON formatted data to analyze market information with low latency. TraderMade supports historical and live requests. Interested developers can contact the provider for API Documentation. Find this API in the Currency category.

Amadeus provides software solutions including multiple APIs for the travel industry. The Amadeus Flight Choice Prediction APITrack this API is used to forecast traveler choices in the context of search and shopping. This API consumes the output of the Amadeus Flight Low-Fare Search API and augments it with probabilities of choices for each flight. It was added to the Air Travel category.

U.S. Department of Transportation offers the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Safety Data APITrack this API to provide reportable data for accidents that occur between railroad on-track equipment and a highway user at a highway-rail grade crossing site. This data is available in XML format through a SOAP-based API. It is listed in the Safety category.

First Advantage is a global background check company. The First Advantage XChange REST APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access the First Advantage global screening platform to screen job candidates, run background checks, perform fingerprint, test drug and alcohol, analyze criminal records, and manage employee cases. Methods are available manage subscriptions, users, orders, and candidates. It is listed under Background.

Slush Pool is a Bitcoin Mining pool that is AsicBoost compatible. The Braiins Slush Pool APITrack this API provides data in JSON for cryptocurrency mining stats, profiles and workers. This API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

TypingDNA provides typing biometrics services. The TypingDNA APITrack this API matches typing patterns in order to authenticate a user. Typing behavior is captured using JavaScript, and pattern matching results are returned in JSON format, letting the developer know whether or not the typing patterns belong to the same user. This API can be used for secure login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric Authentication. It is listed in the Authentication category.

Video: YouTube/TypingDNA

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