Daily API RoundUp: Apple and Google Contact Tracing, Cognito, Speechly, ChemSpider

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Science, and Open Source. Highlights include the Apple and Google Contact Tracing API, an API for Copperegg cloud Platform, and an API for retrieving product information from Amazon. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Listed below are five more APIs that were added to our already giant list of APIs for fighting the Coronavirus.

Apple and Google have released the much anticipated first iteration of an API intended to aid in global COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. Both Google and Apple versions provide interoperability between Android and iOS devices to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Apple Contact Tracing API provides 2 user roles: Affected User (user who reports themself as positively diagnosed as having the virus), and Exposed User (user who has notified themself as potentially exposed to an Affected User). The Android Contact Tracing API enables opt-in tracing and notifies the user after potential exposures. This interface will support Bluetooth-based contact tracing in the coming months.

Intellizence Layoff/Downsizing Data APITrack this API provides an updated dataset containing information related to company layoffs. The API returns number of positions, locations, type of job, role impacted, and layoff reason (pandemic, etc) for USA and Canada companies.

COVID-19 Grafana Datasource APITrack this API provides COVID-19 information by the CSSE at Johns Hopkins University and is transformed into JSON format. By using the JSON Datasource plugin, developers are able to visualize data in Grafana.

COVID-19 Countries APITrack this API returns information of every country as reported by Worldometers.info. This is a fork of the NovelCOVID API and includes several CORS-related fixes.

Speechly a spoken language understanding platform that extracts intent and entities from speech. The Speechly API developers to integrate voice seamlessly into a variety of products. The API is listed in the Voice category.

Speechly API adds voice intelligence to applications

Speechly API adds voice intelligence to applications. Screenshot: Speechly

Copperegg provides cloud infrastructure visualization services. Copperegg Cloud APITrack this API enables users to visualize AWS & AZURE cloud resources for monitoring purposes. Users can also monitor servers, applications, users and get metrics with this API. Methods are available for alert definitions, notification profiles, issues, schedules and more. It is listed in the Monitoring category.

Rainforest Product Data APITrack this API retrieves Amazon's data including products, reviews, offers, search results, and bestselling products from any Amazon site. Rainforest API also has the ability to retrieve Amazon product data by global identifiers such as GTIN, ISBN, UPC and EAN. This API is listed in the Products category.

Open Cult is a free-to-use minimal event system for groups. The Open Cult APITrack this API returns group and event data in JSON format. It is listed in the Open Source category.

Peach's is a Resource for Squarespace stores to sell products and run launches with referral and affiliate marketing software. Peach's APITrack this API provides a way to set up a refer-a-friend program in an eCommerce store. It allows businesses to create. authenticate and manage referral requests. Peach's is based in Bondi Beach, Australia. The API is listed in the Referrals category.

Cognito provides identity verification and compliance solutions. The Cognito Identity Verification APITrack this API provides customer ID verification for applications. It verifies customers via phone numbers or other ways including SSN and date of birth. Additionally it provides identity assessment for evaluating identity search results. It is filed under Identity.

Cognito API lets developers verify customer identities

Cognito API lets developers verify customer identities. Screenshot: Cognito

ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database that provides search access to more than 67 million structures from hundreds of data sources. The ChemSpider REST APITrack this API enables developers to work with the database of chemical structures, properties, and associated information. This API is replacing ChemSpider's legacy SOAP API. The new API comes with improvements to Endpoint structure, Payload validation, Error Handling, security, and developer support materials. It is listed in the Science category.

BioMart is an open-source project for providing unified access to distributed research data. It can convert one or more data sources into data marts, which can then be accessed via web interface or API. The BioMart REST APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve metadata including registry files, names of available datasets, the dataset configuration file for a given dataset, the names of attributes and/or filters available on a given dataset. The API is also listed in the Science category.

NuORDER APITrack this API provides programmatic access to a B2B, eCommerce (wholesale) platform. The API includes methods for managing buyers, catalogs, colors, inventory, company, orders, payments, products, pricesheets, replenishments, and more. The API is filed under B2B.


Screenshot: NuORDER

Synapses Kredibel APITrack this API enables users to determine if online sellers are legitimate. It detects fraud before a user makes a purchase. It is listed in the Security category.

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