Daily API RoundUp: Apple News, Ordnance Survey, Tiingo, Allmyles, eSignly

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Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including News, Cryptocurrency, and Financial. Highlights include an API for getting news about stocks, an API for aggregated travel booking, and an updated Amazon Advertising API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Amazon has upgraded the latest version of the company's Advertising APITrack this API, which will allow developers to manage campaigns programmatically. The Amazon Advertising API enables programmatic access to campaign management and reporting services for Amazon Advertising. API methods are available to get campaign and performance data for sponsored products, sponsored brands, and sponsored display. This API is listed in the Advertising category.

BitLaunch provides anonymous VPS services and accepts cryptocurrency as payment. The BitLaunch APITrack this API enables users to integrate with a system that offers cloud servers paid for by cryptocurrency. The API provides access to details about a transaction, data revolving around a server, the ability to list all SSH keys for an account and more. It is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Hosting category.

Use the BitLaunch Developer API to create and manage servers for your project

Use the BitLaunch Developer API to create and manage servers for your project. Screenshot: BitLaunch.io

Ordnance Survey is a British mapping agency that provides data and information about geography, GI and mapping. The company recently launched the OS Data Hub for API access to UK mapping data. Added to our list of Ordnance Survey APIs is the Ordnance Survey Linked Identifiers APITrack this API, which provides access to relationships between mapping properties, streets and OS MasterMap identifiers.

Apple News is a web application for MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS that aggregates and feeds customized news to users. The Apple News APITrack this API allows developers to deliver Apple News Format articles to the Apple News app for publication. This API can also help manage and monitor those articles after they've been published. This API uses REST calls to interact with resources including channels, sections set up for channels, and articles. Find this API in the News Services category.

AirGap enables users to securely exchange cryptocurrencies using Tezos, Ethereum, Bitcoin and æternity directly inside the AirGap Wallet. AirGap transforms any old smartphone into a hardware wallet by securing crypto assets using one secret key contained in an offline device. The AirGap Platform features offline signing, offline secret storage, secure storage, and secure secret creation. The API is accessible indirectly via SDKs. The AirGap API is filed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Allmyles provides travel booking services for flight, hotel, and car rentals. The Allmyles Dashboard APITrack this API provides notifications about booking events from an integrated travel dashboard. Use it for Booking Status Delivery messages that include transactions, flight changes, dates, fares, currency, passenger information, ticket number and more. This API is listed under Travel in the directory.

Tiingo is a provider of stock market tools. The Tiingo APITrack this API returns stocks, cryptocurrency, and IEX financial data in JSON and CSV formats. Data available via the API includes foreign exchange (Forex), news, and end-of-day stock market information. Find this API in the Financial category.

Get ticker information, news, and trends about stocks with Tiingo API

Get ticker information, news, and trends about stocks with Tiingo API. Screenshot: Tiingo

5miles is an online marketplace to sell and buy items within 5 miles of distance. The 5miles Dash Merchant APITrack this API enables users to manage products, orders, inventory and other merchant tools for the 5miles service. Documentation is available in the Chinese language. This API is listed in the Marketplace category.

eSignly enables developers to integrate electronic signature features with insurance, healthcare, real estate, finance, and IT applications. The eSignly APITrack this API allows developers to manage signatures, manage requests, edit recipient emails, get document status, send documents, and manage templates. The API is listed under Electronic Signature.

Messenger Bot enables developers to automate marketing for websites and messaging applications. The service offers SMS marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Messenger Bot enables customized automated workflows based on user behavior. This platform supports bulk messaging, auto comment like, auto comment private replies, and offers a 7-day trial. The Messenger Bot APITrack this API features Webhook-based Integration. Find it in the Messaging category.

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