Daily API RoundUp: Art Institute of Chicago, Tilisy, WhatPulse, FastBraille

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Images, Engagement and Open Banking. Highlights include an API for data from The Art Institute of Chicago and an API for translating English to Braille. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) is a large art museum in downtown Chicago. The AIC APITrack this API enables developer to access all of the museum's public data, including artworks, artists, exhibitions, events, articles, and much more. Data dumps are also available. This API powers the museum's website (artic.edu), mobile application, and in-gallery applications. It offers search and filtering functionality and is listed in the Museums category.

Tilisy provides an easy, secure way to download bank account data. The Tilisy APITrack this API enables developers to get bank account transactions and balances from all major banks. There are methods for user actions, accounts data, ASPSP country codes and more. Tilisy API is PSD2 compliant. The API is listed in the Open Banking category.

Tilisy API offers secure, compliant harmonized data and pay-as-you-go pricing

Tilisy API offers secure, compliant harmonized data and pay-as-you-go pricing. Screenshot: Tilisy

Check APITrack this API enables developers to embed payroll services into vertical SaaS, HR, or time-tracking platforms. The Check API offers methods for managing bank accounts, companies, contractors, contractor payments, documents, employees, benefits, payroll items, post-tax deductions, workplaces and forms. It's listed under Payments.

FastBraille is an English to Braille translator that is available as a RESTful APITrack this API. Input text can be added to the Endpoint and Braille translation will be returned in JSON format. Currently, the API provides Grade 1 Braille translation. The functionality will be extended to more languages for translation in the future. API is provided by developer Misha Sidyakov and is listed in the Translation category.

WhatPulse measures users keyboard and mouse usage, plus application usage, where a user clicks, work history and more. Retrieve raw data from WhatPulse about users, teams and pulses with the WhatPulse Web APITrack this API. WhatPulse stats and data can be analyzed, visualized and compared to other users. A Client API is also available. It is listed in the Visualizations category.

WhatPulse API

Screenshot: WhatPulse

Gainsight PX is a user analytics and product engagement Platform. The Gainsight PX APITrack this API offers Integration with the platform, with methods to manage accounts, engagement, custom events, emails, sessions, localization, survey response, users and more. Gainsight PX is part of the Gainsight customer success platform to connect and centralize customer data. Find this API in the Engagement category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Kwelo offers network tools for geolocation, hostname information, user-agent string parser, identicon generator and more. The Kwelo My Public IP Address APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve a public IP address and use it in programs. It offers IP address information in text, JSON or JSONP. Data includes street address, postal code, region, country, continent, GPS coordinates, accuracy ratings and time zone. This API is listed in the Location category.

TweekIT is a service that enables users to tweek any filetype to match domain specific image requirements. The TweekIT APITrack this API offers services to upload a file, transform it, preview changes, and download the transformed file. It is listed under Images.

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