Daily API RoundUp: ArtPI, Adobe, WhoisFreaks, SharpCloud

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Documents, Natural Language Processing, and Art. Highlights include an API for AI-based visual search of artworks and APIs from Adobe for document and PDF services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Adobe is providing a PDF Embed JavaScript APITrack this API, which enables developers to embed editable, shareable, high quality PDFs into applications. The API is available indirectly via JavaScript SDK and allows for programmatic access to annotations, analytics, collaborative settings, controls, tool options and more. Also from Adobe, the Document Generation REST APITrack this API enables developers to generate Word documents or PDFs based on Word templates and JSON data. Both APIs are listed in the Documents category.

Adobe API

Image: Adobe

SharpCloud provides interactive road-mapping software for enterprise. SharpCloud APITrack this API enables developers a RESTful way to interact with visual display data. ODATA (Open Data Protocol) is used and methods are available to manage stories, items, attributes, categories, relationships, tags, resources, enterprise functions and more. The SharpCloud API is listed in the Visualizations category.

ArtPI is an APITrack this API that utilizes Artificial Intelligence for users to discover fine art for viewing, buying or selling. The technology is based on deep learning models of pattern matching and trend recognition, trained on over one million artworks. The API enables users to tap into a database of public artworks at artpi.io, or enables museums & owners of private collections to display visual search on their own websites. Recommended related content will be offered with search results. Interested developers should contact the provider for access. The API is listed in the Art category.

ArtPI offers color, genre, artist, artworks and other similarity searches

ArtPI offers color, genre, artist, artworks and other similarity searches. Image: ArtPI

WhoisFreaks provides WHOis look up services and APIs. The WhoisFreaks APITrack this API offers WHOIS lookup, historical, reverse lookup, bulk lookup, new domain, expiring domains and more. This API is listed in the Domains category.

Webit offers APIs for cognitive web services, including the following list that were recently added to ProgrammableWeb in various categories including Search and Natural Language Processing.

Webit Content Moderation APITrack this API enables automated user moderation to generated content on applications, including NSFW image and word check and sentiment polarity.

Webit Video Search APITrack this API allows to effortlessly build web-connected applications and services capable of retrieving constantly updated and organized information from the world. Search between millions of videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Webit Image Search APITrack this API enables applications to search images found on the web.

Webit Computer Vision APIsTrack this API are a bundle of cognitive services that will allow you to classify images with labels, detect scene of subjects and objects, analyze and describe an image with captions, perform OCR scanning on images and PDF documents, verify NSFW content with Webit Neural Machine technology.

Webit Web Search API Track this API offers search between billions of web pages with a free starting plan.

Webit Language APITrack this API offers functions for grammar analysis, extracting meaningful phrases from sentences, providing an 80+ languages dictionary access with lookup, examples, synonyms, antonyms and access to a bilingual dictionary with billions of words and 3160 linked languages directions.

Webit Translator APITrack this API provides translation for more than 100 languages.

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