Daily API RoundUp: Avochato, Happi.Dev, MyDocSafe, Crowdsignal, JuiceDB

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Weather, Messaging, and Polls. Featured today is an API that returns data about wildfires in the U.S., and an API that provides consolidated business messaging services. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


JuiceDB is a database of reviews and information for Juice, E-Liquid flavors and vape flavors and the vendors who sell them. The JuiceDB APITrack this API provides access to the JuiceDB Platform and enables 3rd party developers with the ability to integrate JuiceDB and it's data into applications. This API is currently in Beta and is listed in the Recreation category.

Avochato provides business messaging services, enabling users to manage email, phone calls, and SMS, conversations in one application. The Avochato APITrack this API returns JSON data to message and text businesses, operations, and support teams. Developers can implement contacts, links, messages, tasks, tags, broadcasts, and tickets. We have listed this API under Messaging in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

Avochato API enables multi-channel message management in one application

Avochato API enables multi-channel message management in one application. Image: Avochato

AerisWeather provides a weather service and tools for business needs and building custom weather applications. The AerisWeather Fires APITrack this API provides access to a dataset of active wildfires across the U.S. Data returned includes the type of fire, location, area (size), cause and percent contained. The API is listed under Weather.

Makeup APITrack this API provides a RESTful way to search makeup products. It allows users to search for products and returns information such as brand, price, product category, tags and more. This API returns JSON formatted DATA and a visual representation of the JSON data as well. It is filed in the Beauty category.

G-Square Derivator is a financial derivative pricing and valuation tool accessible through RESTful APIs. The Derivator APIsTrack this API enable users to price and analyze simple to complex derivatives. Interested developers should write to the provider for API and Documentation access. Derivator is listed under the Financial category.

MyDocSafe enables the process of signing and publishing documents electronically in applications. The MyDocSafe APITrack this API can be utilized to access folder contents, upload files, sign documents, access company details, and create user portals. This API uses JSON for data, OAuth 2.0 Authentication, and is listed in the Electronic Signature category.

MyDocSafe API is available

Screenshot: DocSafe Limited

Crowdsignal is a service for creating flexible surveys as well as collecting, organizing, and analyzing data from a variety of sources. The Crowdsignal APITrack this API allows developers to access Crowdsignal's methods for creating and managing polls and ratings. It is listed under the Polls category.

Happi.Dev provides various APIs for developers and accepts PayPal or Bitcoin for payments. We have listed these APIs in various categories on ProgrammableWeb. They are highlighted below.

Happi Password Generator APITrack this API is a strong password generator that to help users create strong and secure passwords.

Happi QRCode Generator APITrack this API enables users to generate a QR code as a base64 image. Get simple QR Codes and custom generation with colors with this API.

Happi Music APITrack this API provides a free API to discover millions of songs, artists, albums, covers and lyrics.

Happi Language Detection APITrack this API provides a free powerful language detection JSON API from more than 400 languages.

Happi Exchange Rates APITrack this API is a real-time JSON API for 1400+ World Currencies and Cryptocurrencies.

Happi Key-value Store APITrack this API is a simple key-value data store as a service for serverless apps, small apps, metrics, and IoT.

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