Daily API RoundUp: Axonius, GoSigner, AniList, Zenlogin

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Animation, and Music. Highlights include an API for retrieving guitar chords and an API for security asset management. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Axonius is a cybersecurity asset management Platform. The Axonius APTrack this APII allows developers to query and manage assets, meaning, devices and users in the Axonius platform. Axonius platform offers pre-built Integration adapters for more than 300 software solutions including AWS, Bitbucket, Box Platform, Cisco, Citrix, GitHub, GitLab, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce and hundreds of others. This API is listed in the Security category of the ProgrammableWeb directory.

Zenlogin is a service that detects suspicious logins and notifies users when they happen. Developers can add this service to applications with the Zenlogin APITrack this API. The API is language agnostic and can be implemented with CURL, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby among others. It is also listed under Security.

Zenlogin API

Screenshot: Zenlogin

Tines provides security automation for repetitive processes and connecting digital workflows. The Tines APITrack this API enables programmatic access to the service, with methods to manage actions, events, stories (interconnected actions working towards a singular mission), user credentials, global resources, and more. It listed in the Automation category.

Uberchord is an iPhone application that helps people learn how to play guitar. The Uberchord APITrack this API offers programmatic access, with methods to search and retrive guitar chords, share songs, and embed chords on a website. This API is listed in the Music category.

2FA.link from AMEEX mobile offers two-factor Authentication (2FA) for users to secure accounts and prevent phishing attacks. The company offers a SMS APITrack this API to send authentication request codes to users, query data and manage feedback. Also offered is a Verify APITrack this API for user verification and callbacks for verify requests. 2FA APIs are listed in the Authentication category.

GoSigner APITrack this API offers programmatic access to an eSignature service. API and Documentation access is provided with enterprise pricing plan users. The GoSigner API is listed in the Electronic Signagure category.

AniList is a platform that supports the tracking, discovery, and sharing of Anime and Manga. The AniList APITrack this API provides Anime and Manga data with GraphQL interface. The API allows developers to build applications that implement Japanese animation concepts with responses with JSON. It is listed under Animation.

Query a large Anime database with AniList GraphQL API

Query a large Anime database with AniList GraphQL API. Screenshot: AniList

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