Daily API RoundUp: Azure Cognitive Services, Clearout, Zenkit, Nervos, Berbix

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Machine Learning, DevOps, and Identity. Highlights include Microsoft Azure Cognitive APIs such as an API that recognizes handwriting, plus DigitalOwl semantic APIs. Here's a look at what's new.


Zenkit is an online project management Platform. The Zenkit API enables users to integrate the Zenkit project management capabilities into applications or utilities. API methods are available to search the user's activities, search workspace activities, and manage workspaces. The service provides tools to bring together customers, documents, invoices, bugs, features, leads and more. The API is listed under Project Management.

Clearout is an email validation and verification service. The Clearout API enables domain validation, spam-trap removal, syntax verification, catch-all verification, Yahoo & AOL validation, extended SMTP validation, and more. This platform has an accuracy of 98%+. Developers can integrate their applications with Clearout to improve email deliverability, and domain reputation. The API returns JSON responses and is listed in the Email category.

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Water Information System API enables users to retrieve recycled water data. With the USBR Reclamation Water API, developers can locate water recycle sites, access water data, browse interactive maps, search water data by location (latitude, longitude, and elevation), download water datasets, automate data, and use the URL Feed data. It is listed under the Water category.

Retrieve data about reservoirs, water recycling and more with this API

Retrieve data about reservoirs, water recycling and more with this API. Image: USBR.gov

uploadfilter.io is a recognition tool that detects user generated content for nudity. The uploadfilter Image Nudity Detection API detects nudity in images, returns data in JSON format, is GDPR compliant, and is fast and scalable. The uploadfilter API is listed under the Recognition category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Recognition APIs.

MMA API offers an API that returns Martial Mixed Arts data in JSON format. Developers can implement events, fights, and referees data into applications. With the API, developers can analyze sports to predict future successes or determine how well fighters age. The MMA API is listed under the Sports category.

Boulevard. AI provides predictive intelligence services for the real estate market. The Boulevard Foresight API predicts location intelligence in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. Developers can contact the provider for API access for more details. The API is listed under the Real Estate category.

DigitalOwl is a software company that offers natural language processing services. DigitalOwl Text Similarity API allows developers to programmatically evaluate the semantic similarity of two articles. Similarity is expressed as a number. DigitalOwl Text Classification API uses algorithms to classify text based on semantic features. It can classify 300-350 texts per second. Both APIs are listed in the Natural Language Processing category.

CleanCloud provides software for dry cleaning and laundry businesses. The CleanCloud Laundry and Dry Cleaning API provides programmatic access to CleanCloud's methods for handling orders, customers, products, and pickups/delivery. Developers with accounts can use the API for Integration with third-party applications. It is listed in the Clothing category.

IPQualityScore (IPQS) offers anti-fraud solutions including email verification, device fingerprinting, and proxy detection. The IPQualityScore Email Validation API validates email reputation, risk analysis, and mailbox validity. IPQS maintains detailed reports of fraudulent behavior online. It can check every email address from transactions, orders, users, lead gen info, etc. against a quick API call to determine email low quality or invalidity. IPQualityScore Credit Usage API returns JSON and XML formats with a total number of available IPQualityScore account credits and current usage for a billing period.

Microsoft Azure introduced some new Azure Cognitive Services APIs at last month's Build conference. We've added them to our Machine Learning category, as listed below.

Microsoft Azure Personalizer API allows developers to choose the best experience for their users, by learning from their real-time behavior. It is an AI service that delivers a personalized User Experience to prioritize relevant content and user experiences, improve application satisfaction, usability, and more.

Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer API provides access to AI-powered document extraction services to understand forms. Form Recognizer applies machine learning to identify and extract text, key/value pairs, and tables from documents.

Microsoft Azure Ink Recognizer API enables users to analyze and recognize digital ink content including handwriting and polygon shapes. This API requires digital ink stroke data as input, and returns a JSON response that contains recognized entities. The API supports in 63 languages and locales.

Ink Recognizer API from Azure Congitive Services

Screenshot: Microsoft

Nervos is an open Blockchain "Trustware"​ platform for Decentralized applications that is built for security, and scalability. Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB) is a public permissionless blockchain and layer 1 for the Nervos platform. The Nervos CKB API generates trust and extends this trust to upper layers, making Nervos a trust network. The Nervos CKB API is listed under the Blockchain category.

GymMaster provides gym and fitness center membership management software. The GymMaster API provides access to data within the GymMaster platform, including classes, workouts, booking, services, feedback, measurements, membership, outstanding balance, signup, payment, and promotions. This API is listed under the Fitness category.

Google Cloud Scheduler is a fully managed cron job service. The Google Cloud Scheduler API enables users to manage schedule data including job schedules, logs, and configuring cron jobs. The API is listed under the DevOps category.

Berbix offers a verification platform designed to collect and instantly verify photo IDs. Berbix is used to sell products online that have age restrictions, run background checks, deter fraud, and protect high value transactions. This API is accessible via Python, PHP, and Node.JS SDKs. The Berbix API is listed under the Identity category.

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