Daily API RoundUp: Backand, Serpstat, ReqRes, Coinhills, Bitrefill, YesGraph

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We've added six APIs to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories such as Bitcoin, SEO, Testing, and Backend. Also new to the directory are SDKs for Feedzai fraud prevention, YesGraph (for mobile app referrals), and Customer.io email platforms. Here's a summary of what is new.


The Backand API allows developers to integrate backend for AngularJS into their own projects. It provides social login, notifications, and more. A key feature is ORM (object-relational mapping). Other features include tracking data changes, logging, role-based security, back-office connectivity, and more. We've listed this API in the Backend-as-a-Service category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Backend-as-a-Service APIs.

ModerateContent (mdr8) Image Moderation API is a free service that provides content ratings for images. It can detect inappropriate content such as adult material or violence. It can also detect potentially inappropriate content such as smoking, alcohol, and suggestive material. Users can try it out with their own images on the website.

API recognizes and rates content by appropriate levels
This API rates images for suggestive or inappropriate content / image: Moderate Content

ModerateContent Image Moderation API is filed under the Recognition category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Recognition APIs.

Serpstat is a Web development company that focuses on SEO and analytics. The Serpstat Platform is used for competitor analysis and keyword research. Metrics can be pulled from the Serpstat servers via the Serpstat API.

Serpstat API helps users get SEO insight from competitors
Find competitors, get intelligence on their keywords and SERP statistics with Serpstat API / image: Serpstat

We've added the Serpstat API to the SEO category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of SEO APIs.

The ReqRes REST API provides tools for responding to AJAX requests. Users can test front end applications against a real API. It conforms to REST principles and simulates real application scenarios such as testing a user Authentication system.

Test apps against a real API with ReqRes
ReqRes API simulates real application scenarios for front end testing / screenshot: ReqRes

ReqRes API is listed under the Testing category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Testing APIs.

Coinhills is a cryptocurrency and stock market index platform. It features a customizable dashboard, portfolio manager, currency pairs and cryptocurrency news reader. CSPA (Coinhills Spot Price Average) Index API provides price data based on Coinhills' registered markets. We've categorized the CSPA API under the Cryptocurrency category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Cryptocurrency APIs.

Bitrefill API allows developers to programmatically send money to prepaid phones around the world to purchase minutes. Payments through the API are made in Bitcoins. It supports over 600 operators in 143 different countries. Withdrawing funds is instant and topup usually occurs within 10 minutes.

Use bitcoins to top up prepaid phones with Bitrefill API
Use bitcoins to top off prepaid phones with this API / screenshot: credit

Bitrefill API is listed under the Bitcoin category. See ProgrammableWeb's complete list of Bitcoin APIs.

Frameworks, Libraries, and SDKs

Customer.io helps businesses reach and maintain customers through email campaigns. The Customer.io API allows developers to integrate with Customer.io through a RESTful interface. We've added three SDKs to the directory to assist Customer.io developers. Customer.io Ruby SDK includes code to identify customers, delete customers, and add customized events. Also included are two from independent developers: Customer.io Node.js SDK by Github user "Sauce" contains Sample Code demonstrating how to identify a user, delete a user, and track a user event. Customer.io C# SDK by Digital Creations allows developers to integrate customer interaction data.

Feedzai provides fraud prevention that learns. The platform can identify, predict, and prevent questionable profiles using fraud models, scoring algorithms, and Machine Learning. The Feedzai REST API allows developer interaction with the platform. Feedzai JavaScript SDK by Github user "Silly Knight" and Feedzai Java SDK by Github user "Kill Bill", communicate with the API to demonstrate if code is false or true.

YesGraph is a referral system for mobile applications that displays the users most likely to accept invitations and referrals at the top of lists. The YesGraph REST API allows developers to retrieve referrals by social network, retrieve user information, and retrieve and manage contacts. YesGraph Python SDK is available for Integration into existing Python applications.

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