Daily API RoundUp: BackNine, Unicorn NLP, Intelligent Reach

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Insurance, Products, and Natural Language Processing. Highlights include five APIs from Unicorn NLP that offer semantic analysis for online reviews. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


BackNine is a Platform for selling selling of life insurance, long term insurance, disability insurance, and annuities for more than 90 carriers. The BackNine APITrack this API offers methods to manage prefill and apply quote, retrieving quotes, text messaging and accidental death account information. Find this API in the Insurance category.

Intelligent Reach offers brand and retailers product data Feed optimization, content experimentation and marketplace management. The Intelligent Reach Feed Builder APITrack this API provides a way to build product data feeds. This API is listed in the Products category.

Color Extractor for Apparel APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve the correct colors of clothing from an image. The API returns dominant colors, palette color, primary colors, and secondary colors of a given image. The API provides an option to have the solid background removed before color parsing. Find this API in the Colors category.

Unicorn NLP offers human language understanding services for online reviews and other content. Several APIs from Unicorn NLP were recently added to the Natural Language Processing category, including the following:

Unicorn NLP Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews APITrack this API offers natural language processing for Hotel and B&B reviews. It consists of 149 dedicated semantic models for the reviews, such as client loyalty, service opinions, hotel and bathroom opinions, alerts for innkeepers (bed bugs, thefts, etc.), location and service opinions, accessibility, payment problems and food opinions.

This API offers analysis for online hotel reviews

This API offers analysis for online hotel reviews. Image: Unicorn NLP

Unicorn NLP Sentiment Analysis for Hostel Reviews APITrack this API offers natural language processing with 150 semantic models aimed at hostels. These include client recommendations, hostel and vibe opinions, alerts fro owners, staff opinions, bathroom and room options, location, accessibility, add-ons such as WiFi, pool, & laundry amenities, food options opinions and more.

Unicorn NLP Sentiment Analysis for Vacation Rental and Apartment reviews APITrack this API returns natural language processing for vacation and apartment rentals, with 142 dedicated semantic models such as rooms and bedrooms opinions, bathroom and kitchen options, host/landlord opinions, amenities (laundry, complimentary snacks, etc.), accessibility, alerts for owners and more.

Unicorn NLP Sentiment Analysis for App Reviews APITrack this API offers natural language processing with specific semantic models pertaining to App reviews. These include general opinion (satisfied, dissatisfied), recommendations, user descriptions ("great graphics" or "not challenging" for example), complaints & technical issues, service opinions, usability, user requests, and more.

Unicorn NLP Hate Speech Detection for User-generated Content APITrack this API offers semantic models to process language considered toxic, profane, obscene, insulting, threatening, hateful, or customized for a developer's needs.

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