Daily API RoundUp: Bankin', WorkBoard, CryptoChill, PrintReleaf

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Business, WebRTC, and Sustainability. Highlights include an API for determining clothing fit recommendations, and an API for filtering vulgar language. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Bankin' is a French financial technology startup. Bridge by Bankin' allows automated access to financial data, accounting tools, credit scoring optimization features, and financial data categorization. The Bankin' Bridge Pay REST APITrack this API allows direct access to data fetching, bank account synchronization, business accounts, and email validation features. It is listed in the Financial category.

WorkBoard is an enterprise Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Platform. The WorkBoard APITrack this API allows developers to access user information, goals, metrics, team information, and data streams. The WorkBoard API is listed under the Business category.

WorkBoard API

Screenshot: WorkBoard

Dilli Labs is a SaaS and technology consulting company. Dilli Labs offers a Detection of Vulgar and Improper Language (DeVIL) Profanity Filtering APITrack this API. The API detects vulgar and improper language. Developers can create a product that exposes malicious users, improve business reputation, and keep leads clean. This API is listed in the Monitoring category.

CryptoChill is an enterprise-level Bitcoin gateway focused on security, stability, and scalability. Cryptochill enables deposits and withdrawals, unlimited and never expiring addresses, no gap limits, Lighting Network Integration, and multi-account support. The Cryptochill REST APITrack this API allows developers to access invoices, transactions, payouts, profiles, and exchange rates within their own applications. The CryptoChill API is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

3DLOOK SAIA Perfect Fit APITrack this API enables personalized recommendations based on a customer's body measurements. 3DLOOK offers 3D model generation features, and size and fit recommendations powered by AI. The API is utilized to retrieve size charts, and size recommendations. JSON is the preferred response format. It is listed in the Clothing category.

3DLook API

Screenshot: 3DLOOK

Chomp provides access to nutritional data on over 875,000 food products. The Chomp APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access nutrition labels, ingredients, trace ingredients, allergen warnings, product images, barcodes, and more. The Chomp v2 API was recently added to the Food category.

Anyline provides text reading services for mobile applications. The Anyline APITrack this API provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service to scan documents from mobile devices, and for scanning and processing alphanumeric characters without an internet connection. It is filed in the OCR category.

PrintReleaf provides a reforestation system for companies to decrease their paper footprints. The PrintReleaf APITrack this API allows exchanging paper consumption for trees in realtime. Users can send raw paper consumption data to be analyzed, and certifiably reforest the equivalent number of trees at the reforestation project. Developers can integrate PrintReleaf data about estimating, quoting, point-of-sale, or print monitoring with this API. It is listed in the Sustainability category.

Offset your company's paper footprint via PrintReleaf API

Offset your company's paper footprint via PrintReleaf API. Image: PrintReleaf

Intuit FormFly APITrack this API automates filling tax information, including 1099 MISC forms to IRS for contractors. FormFly supports e-file to the IRS, receive status messages, send printed copies to recipients, and generate PDF copies of forms. It has methods for posting and managing 1099 MISC forms, plus managing contacts and more. This API is listed in the Taxes category.

ApiGenius provides data APIs to developers. The ApiGenius Product Reviews APITrack this API returns product reviews for virtually any product on the planet. Developers can supply a search term, manufacturer part number, or UPC in the query parameter. This API is listed in the Products category.

Gradient APITrack this API is an image placeholder service for web developers. Gradient API allows creating and generating gradients as placeholder images. Developers can put an image size, start, and end color after the URL to obtain a customized gradient image as placeholder. It is listed in the Graphics category.

WeSeeDo is a video calling service based in the Netherlands. The WeSeeDo Direct APITrack this API assists clients directly and safely during phone calls. The API allows viewing what a caller sees via a live one-sided visual connection built on WebRTC technology. The service does not store data. The API is listed in the WebRTC category.

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