Daily API RoundUp: BaseJumper, VTEX, ProKnow, PowerReviews, Notion

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Feedback, Auto, and Cryptocurrency. Highlights include an API for the Electrific EV Platform, an API for Machine Learning deployment, and an API for Studycounts math problem solving. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Reviewshake is a management platform that facilitates tools to make use of online reviews. Reviewshake Platform APITrack this API enables access to customer information, review invitations, landing pages, and locations. This platform leverages structured data from over 85 review sites, and allows developers to track review performance and automate new reviews. The API is listed in the ProgrammableWeb under Feedback category.

Aggregrate and analyze review data with Reviewshake API

Aggregrate and analyze review data with Reviewshake API. Image: Reviewshake

Copper is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The Copper APITrack this API is a REST service providing access to cryptocurrency account management and trading services for application Integration. This API features methods to manage Copper accounts, orders, proxy wallet and users. The API is listed under Cryptocurrency.

VTEX is commerce marketplace engine that enables sellers to add their own partners to expand product assortment and grow revenue. The VTEX APITrack this API integrates applications with marketplace collaborative commerce features. Use the API to get data about products, trade policy, catalog collections, plus manage checkout data, customer credit data, and gift card data. This API is listed in the eCommerce category.

BaseJumper enables developers to turn their Open Neural Network Exchange machine learning models into APIs. The BaseJumper APITrack this API is used to manage models, retrieve details, retrieve inferences, and look up usage statistics. The BaseJumper API is filed under Machine Learning.

BaseJumper API

Screenshot: BaseJumper

Electrific is an electric vehicle infrastructure designed to be as attractive as combustion engine vehicles. For electric vehicle owners, this platform suggests scheduling and routing options that optimizes car batteries. For fleet managers, Electrific provides charging schedules that consider energy prices and battery health metrics. The Electrific APITrack this API returns GPS data, and electric vehicle details from the Electrific platform. This API is in the Auto category.

Elekta ProKnow provides software and analytical modules designed to integrate with healthcare experiences. Proknow allows developers to store, navigate, and retrieve radiation therapy data. The Proknow APITrack this API serves as an interface between the client and databases, and enables the modification of data. The API is listed in the Healthcare category.

Temporal is an application development platform optimized for business. Temporal consists of a programming Framework (or client Library) and a managed service (or backend). This platform is used to enable periodic execution capabilities, enable Microservice orchestration, perform storage scanning, build event driven applications, and construct DSL workflows. The Temporal APITrack this API is accessible using SDKs in a variety of languages. This API is listed in the Application Development category.

Studycounts provides an application to give users the ability to practice math with unlimited problems to improve math fluency with gamification rewards. The Studycounts APITrack this API provides a way to programmatically access the Studycounts mathematics question generator via RESTful service. Developers can use the API to get a random or specific arithmetic, algebra, or calculus question. The API is filed in the Math category.

Studycounts API

Screenshot: Studycounts

PowerReviews provides cloud-based tools that collect and display ratings, reviews, and questions to increase online site-wide sales. The PowerReviews Read Services APITrack this API allows developers to access reviews by providing a merchant ID, access Q&As, and retrieve merchant configurations. This API can be used to retrieve reviews left on products by customers. The PowerReviews B2B API enables developers to manage review answer sources, submit merchant responses, and submit review questions.

Simple Salon is salon booking software. The Simple Salon APITrack this API enables booking functions for hair salons, beauty salons, and day spas. It allows developers to manage clients, client files, appointments, rosters, and products. All sales can be processed via the Simple Salon POS page. Transactions can be recorded by payment type, and custom payment methods can be created. The API is listed in the Beauty category.

CompStak provides nationwide commercial real estate insights. The CompStak APITrack this API provides commercial real estate data, analyst-reviewed commercial lease comps, sales comps, and property details. It is listed in the Real Estate category.

Notion provides sensors that monitor doors and windows, smoke and CO alarms, water leaks, and temperature changes. The Notion Bridge device connects to a Wi-Fi network to relay information from each sensor to a smartphone. The Notion APITrack this API is used to configure alert preferences, list base stations, request device information, get messages, and perform password resets. The API is listed in Home Automation.

Programmatically interact with Notion home monitoring via REST API

Programmatically interact with Notion home monitoring via REST API. Image: Notion

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