Daily API RoundUp: BestTime, Respond.io, Restwords, Live Helper, Autogrow

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Location, Messaging, and Music. Featured today is an API for Taylor SWIFT quotes, an API for forecasting the best time to visit a business, and APIs from the Meteorological Service of Canada. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


GetSong BPM provides a database of beats per minute, with global access to millions of song tempos. The GetSong BPM Web APITrack this API enables external applications to access the GetSong BPM database. Methods are available for search, artist, song, tempo, and key. Find this API in the Music category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Autogrow is an indoor/greenhouse growing Platform. The Autogrow REST APITrack this API enables users to interact with Autogrow devices, retrieve Autogrow data, integrate third party devices and build web applications. It provides access to data from devices, user profile data and more. This API is listed in the Agriculture category.

taylor.rest APITrack this API enables users to add quotes and reaction images from American singer, Taylor Swift, to applications. This API is free to use and is listed in the Celebrities category.

Taylor Swift quotes API

Screenshot: taylor.rest

mymappi APITrack this API provides services for Geocoding, Roads, Directions and Places. Turn location into human-readable addresses and vice-versa, get turn-by-turn navigation instructions in all transport modes and more, find points of interest around a certain location and more with mymappi API, which is provided by Parkifast, a parking application maker. This API is listed as Location.

BestTime provides forecasts of how busy a public venue will be during parts of each day of the week. BestTime APITrack this API enables users to add data to applications about the best times to visit a business or public place. These forecasts are based on historical visitors to the venue. API methods are available to query data such as hours, venue, day, surge times, quiet times, and more. It is filed under Time.

BestTime API provides a heatmap of busy times for businesses

BestTime API provides a heatmap of busy times for businesses. Image: BestTime

Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) is an official agency for weather and climate data from the Government of Canada. The agency offers the MSC GeoMet Climate APITrack this API for data about snow depth, precipitation changes, projected mean temperature, projected minimum temperature and other information about geographical areas. MSC GeoMet Weather APITrack this API offers open standards for creating applications with real-time and archived weather, climate and water datasets.

Respond.io is a business messaging platform that connects contacts from any channel to every team. The Respond.io APITrack this API allows sending messages containing text, image, audio, video, or file from several different messaging channels to contacts. The API is composed of several types of requests: send a text, send an attachment, and send a text with quick replies. Channels include WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Telgram, WeChat, Twitter, and SMS. The API is listed in the Messaging category.

Restwords is a free, temporary file bin. Use the Restwords APITrack this API to temporarily store XML, HTML, JSON, and TWIML and create a file and receive a valid link with its own public URL containing the stored information. It is listed in the Pastebin category.

Live Helper Chat APITrack this API provides chat features for open source and commercial purposes. Chat solutions include users, bot, visitors, screen-sharing, and speech-to-text. It is lised in the Chat category.

FantasticStay is a vacation property management system. The FantasticStay APITrack this API enables applications to offer vacation rental listings. The API includes methods to get listing information, retrieve listing calendar, get listing custom stay rules and more. The FantasticStay API is listed in the Rentals category.

Storeden is an ecommerce platform to create an online sales site and sell from marketplaces. The Storeden APITrack this API is a REST service for Storeden eCommerce services. It provides methods to add a new brand, list all coupons, get list of filters and more. It is filed under the eCommerce category.

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