Daily API RoundUp: Bigstep, Ocrolus, Ryu Games, ClimaCell, Banuba

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Messaging, and Augmented Reality. Highlights include the YellowSchedule API for scheduling and booking services, and the FaceX API for adding facial recognition functions to apps. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Banuba integrates immersive and engaging AR experiences with applications. This Platform supports face filters, face beautification, face tracking, virtual makeover, lenses, 3D masks, and video editing. Banuba is optimized for low-end devices. The API is accessible via SDKs. The Banuba API is listed in the Augmented Reality category.

Add facial animation features to applications with Banuba SDK

Add facial animation features to applications with Banuba SDK. Image: Banuba

Ryu Games offers monetization features designed for indie developers that turn any multiplayer or online game of skill into a real-money tournament. With the Ryu Games APITrack this API and SDKs, developers can add Blockchain-based non-intrusive monetization capabilities to their applications. It is listed under Games.

Hipster Ipsum APITrack this API returns "hipster" dialect filler text in JSON format for web and mobile projects. Current parameters include type, paragraph, sentences, and lorem. It is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Text category.

Above are a few paragraphs of Hipster Ipsum filler text

Above are a few paragraphs of Hipster Ipsum filler text. Image: Jason Cosper/Hipster Ipsum

FreeClimb is a voice and SMS platform for enterprise applications. The FreeClimb REST APITrack this API enables developers to access accounts, available phone numbers, call data, recordings, and participant information. Additionally, the API is used to initiate calls, and conference calls. The FreeClimb API is listed under the Messaging category.

Leo allows developers to collect, enrich, and sync data events in real-time. Leo APITrack this API provides visibility and control over data streams. The Leo Platform API utilizes Amazon services such as Kinesis, DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda to create a serverless event streaming system. This interface is used to manage data stream persistence, batching, searching, tracing, and debugging. It is filed under Data.

Ocrolus is a financial technology solution for eliminating manual data work that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and crowdsourcing. The Ocrolus APITrack this API enables users to automate data workflows. The API can extract and automatically manage data from bank statements, paystubs, invoices, tax documents, and more. Methods are available to integrate book commands, book queries, file uploads, file commands, file queries, and result downloads. It is listed in the Financial category.

Bigstep provides bare metal cloud solutions. The Bigstep Metal Cloud APITrack this API enables developers to quickly deploy their applications by integrating scalable storage, and security features. The API allows access to containers, billing information, DNS configurations, instance clusters, and data centers. The Bigstep API is listed under the Application Development category.

MailBluster is email marketing software that provides a way to send customized promotional email. The Mailbluster APITrack this API provides endpoints to manage leads, products, and orders. The MailBluster API is listed in the Email category.

ClimaCell Micro Weather API provides access to high resolution micro weather data for locations across the U.S. that supports full geolocation and geo­search capabilities. Version 3.0 of the API provides UI improvements aimed at highlighting the way that weather data affects life, including methods for road risk, air quality, and wildfires. Look for this API in the Weather category.

YellowSchedule is a secure platform for scheduling appointments, storing, and tracking client (or patient) details. It is useful for health services, fitness instructors, salons, driving instructors, universities, financial institutions and more. The YellowSchedule APITrack this API enables users to manage appointments, calendars, contacts, types of services and more. The service includes integrations with Facebook, Stripe, Google Calendar, Outlook, Wordpress, and more. The YellowSchedule API is listed under the Scheduling category.

FaceX provides face recognition APIs and SDKs. The FaceX APITrack this API enables applications to detect faces, landmarks, and virtual masks. Methods are available to get image attributes (face, landmark, age, gender, etc.), match faces, search for image, search for image matches via URL, plus more. The API is filed in the Recognition category.

CryptoMeter offers cryptocurrency data for developering bots and other applications. The CryptoMeter APITrack this API returns cryptocurrency data including mapped and market pairs, market, ticker, 24hr trading volume, hourly merged volume, and technical indicators. CryptoMeter is filed in the Cryptocurrency category.

CTERA enables managed storage, backup, file sharing, and mobile collaboration services for enterprise applications. The CTERA APITrack this API is used to create, read, modify and delete cloud objects. Additionally, this platform manages Portal users, generates reports, returns billing information, and generates access Tokens. CTERA features intelligent file caching, service orchestration, WAN optimization, and source-based AES-256 Encryption. The API is listed in the Enterprise category.

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