Daily API RoundUp: BitMax, Verisign, Veryfi, Weatherbit, Sony Aibo

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Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Weather, Real Estate, and Domains. Included is an OCR API for extracting data from receipts, and an API for the Sony Aibo robot dog. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


API.Toys offers free and low-cost APIs for developing games for hobbyists. The API.Toys Basic APITrack this API is a simple REST service that provides access to endpoints for a dice roller, a virtual coin that returns 'heads' or 'tails', a countdown timer and even for a "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" game. It is filed under Games.

API Toys lets developers create games for hobbyists

API Toys lets developers create games for hobbyists. Screenshot: API.Toys

PropMix provides a development Platform for Real Estate applications. The PropMix Public Record APITrack this API provides public record details of properties nationwide. More than 300 data points about properties can be retrieved with this API, including identification, characteristics, assessment and tax, owner information, and last sale information. This API is listed in the Real Estate category.

Sony aibo is a robotic dog. The Sony Aibo Web APITrack this API allows user to programmatically control Aibo functions from the Internet. It includes functions for settings, actions such as changing postures, finding people, finding objects, moving forward, moving sideways, releasing objects, staying, and more. It also manages cognitive functions such as responding to name, hunger, sleep, or biting. The API is listed under the Robots category.

Sony Aibo ERS-1000 is the most recent Aibo model

Sony Aibo ERS-1000 is the most recent Aibo model. Image: Sony Aibo

BitMax is a global digital asset trading platform that covers more than 100 digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The BitMax REST APITrack this API allows developers to get information such as current trading fees, order book data, market trades, and bar history data. It can also be used to place, retrieve, and cancel orders from a cash account or a margin account. The BitMax WebSocket APITrack this API allows developers to subscribe to data streams for market depth, market trades, and the client's own orders. Both public and authenticated data streams are available. These APIs are in the Cryptocurrency category.

Find Address is a postcode lookup, REST APITrack this API for finding UK addresses from a postcode. It features simple setup and JSON data sent back. The API utilizes multiple open government license databases to provide more lookups for significantly less cost, due to not requiring to pass on costs of postcode address file licenses to the user. It is listed in the Addresses category.

Find postcodes in the UK with this API

Find postcodes in the UK with this API. Screenshot: findAddress.io

Verisign is a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure. The VeriSign NameStudio APITrack this API allows domain name search Integration with intelligent suggestions based on the domain name or keywords a user enters. Methods are available for segmentation, related, creative, name-shortening, and more. This API is filed in the Domains category.

BidSwitch provides infrastructure for programmatic advertising bidding services. The BidSwitch Creative Approval APITrack this API retrieves data to approve creative services of buyers and suppliers. Creative version objects include approved, submitted, and unverified values. The BidSwitch Ads.txt API retrieves ads.txt information with domains mapping, domains valid, and domains invalid. BidSwitch APIs are listed in the Advertising category.

MailTest E-mail Validation APITrack this API is a simple email scanner to remove invalid emails. It allows users to access validation services to integrate with a website or application and requires a token to authenticate. It is listed in the Email category.

Veryfi is software for the automation of bookkeeping. The Veryfi APITrack this API is an OCR API for real-time data extraction from receipts, bills & invoices. The API enables users to extract data from images and PDF invoices and receipts in 3 to 5 seconds. Extraction includes 50 different data points. This API is listed in the OCR category.

Get invoice details from receipts with this API

Get invoice details from receipts with this API. Screenshot Veryfi

Authenticator API.com is an unofficial APITrack this API for Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is the defacto-standard in app-based two factor Authentication (2FA). With this API, developers can 2FA to applications without using costly SMS messages or writing complex crypto code. It is listed in the Authentication category.

Ambient Weather is a personalized weather service. The Ambient Weather APITrack this API enables personal weather data dashboards in applications by providing a MAC address. The API can be used to query device data. The Ambient Weather API supports JSON formatted data responses about wind, temperature, humidity, barometer, rain, dewpoint, "feels like" and more. It's listed in the Weather category.

Also added to the Weather category are several Weatherbit APIs. They include:

Weatherbit Historical Weather Hourly APITrack this API returns historical hourly weather data from a network of over 120,000 stations from a nearby reporting station.

Weatherbit Severe Weather Alerts APITrack this API provides severe weather alerts from local meteorological agencies for the US, EU member nations, and others.

Weatherbit Bulk Download APITrack this API provides current observations for many cities at once, or many stations at once and are accessible to Advanced plan users.

Weatherbit Ag-Weather Forecast APITrack this API eturns an 8-day forecast for weather data specific to the Agriculture industry. It allows you to retrieve predictions for soil temperature, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and more.

Weatherbit Hourly Weather Forecast APITrack this API returns a 2 to 5-day forecast in 1 hour intervals for any point on the planet.

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