Daily API RoundUp: BoardEx, Sensibill, Cleveland Museum of Art, ProductPlan, Anvil

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Museums, Math, and Spelling. Highlights include an Arabic spelling check API and an API for capturing receipt information and making it machine readable. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Sensibill Capture is a mobile receipt capture application. The Sensibill Receipt Data Extraction APITrack this API uses Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract pertinent data from receipts and other documents. The API enables users to extract over 150 data points, including merchant, total, items, taxes, and more from a given receipt. Developers need to contact the provider for API access and Documentation. This API is listed in the OCR category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Receipt data becomes accessible in a JSON format via Sensibill API

Receipt data becomes accessible in a JSON format via Sensibill API. Screenshot: Sensibill

BoardEx provides people intelligence services for networking, sales, talent recruitment, though leadership, alumni research and more. The BoardEx Developer APITrack this API enables developers to integrate with the Platform and manage data about individuals and their achievements, activities, education, announcements, employments, profile, changes, and more from 1.9 million organizations. The API is able to pull an individual or organization profile or one or few data points within the profiles. It is listed in the Human Resources category.

AboutNumber returns interesting mathematical facts about integer number. The APITrack this API responses with information about all dividers, numeral sum, primality, numeral base conversion (binary, ternary, etc), number hashes (md5, sha1, base64), prime factorization, date duration, byte size, Fibonacci number, and more, in 17 languages. Find this API in the Math category.

Public Plans Data provides financial, governance, & plan design information for over 180 state and local defined benefit plans including retirement plans. The Public Plans Data APITrack this API returns data from the Public Plans Database including updates, variables, datasets in XML, CSV or JSON formats. It is listed in the Open Data category.

Cleveland Museum of Art Open Access APITrack this API provides datasets of information on more than 61,000 collection artworks plus image assets for as many as 30,000 works. Links to the web, print, and full-sized, uncompressed versions of these images are included in the dataset where applicable. The API is listed in the Museums category.

Video: YouTube/Cleveland Museum of Art

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery includes 300,000 objects from a million years of history, including key Shropshire (county in England) finds like the Roman tombstones and headstones and the Shropshire Mammoth to a fine geology and Tudor collection. The Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery open APITrack this API enables users to query metadata about artifact assets in the museum and get RSS in response. This API is also filed under Museums.

Tuforty APITrack this API enables applications to translate currency values in 60+ languages. Use it to translate money values from alocal language (such as Chinese, Arabic numeral etc.), into worded translation. It's useful for tourism, receipts, ecommerce, and more. It is listed in the Currency category.

QA Touch APITrack this API provides Integration with the QA Touch software test case management tool. Use the API to retrieve seamless instant synchronization of your automation test results, and to create, view and update test modules in QA Touch such as requirements, test cases, test runs, issues, releases and projects. This API is listed in the Testing category.

Hacarus is provides AI tools for the medical and manufacturing fields. Hacarus SPECTRO APITrack this API is available indirectly via SDK for Python, and made for software engineers who want to integrate with the Hacarus Visual Inspection module through its API. Manage algorithms, versions, models, license, and more with this service, which is filed lunder Artificial Intelligence.

ProductPlan platform enables users to create roadmaps for planning, communicating, and visualizing product strategy. The ProductPlan APITrack this API allows programmatic access to a product planning platform, with methods to list roadmaps, import ideas as visual bars, synchronize title/description and other fields, manage bars, and more. It is listed in the Planning category.

Anvil aims to eliminate paper from paperwork via digital tools. The Anvil PDF Filling APITrack this API enables websites and applications to fill out PDFs. POST to a PDF template's URL with the data to be embedded in the PDF, and Anvil will respond with the raw binary data for the filled PDF. It is listed in the PDF category.

Arabic Spell Checker APITrack this API determines if spelling is correct in text written in Arabic. An extensive vocabulary containing a wide range of texts and thoughtful error form for fewer and more precise suggestions are featured. This API is filed under Spelling.

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