Daily API RoundUp: Bosch, Democracy Works, Greenbook, PrimeBit

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Voting, and Agriculture. Included is an API that determines optimal flight patterns considering cosmic ray exposure, and the Democracy Works API for voting data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Greenbook is an independent crop protection database. The Greenbook API provides access to a database of plant protection chemical datasets for farmers, researchers & consultants. It includes all the information available on pesticide, herbicide and fungicide manufacturers labels returned in JSON or XML format. It also provides SDS, SARA Title III, Mode of Action, DOT, and supplements information. The data is useful for fulfilling crop maintenance needs. This API is listed under Agriculture.

Greenbook API provides data about chemicals and other agents used on crops

Greenbook API provides data about chemicals and other agents used on crops. Screenshot: Greenbook

Bosch is a global provider of industrial technologies, mobility solutions, consumer goods, and energy and building technologies. The Bosch Thermotechnology Device API enables developers to access current room temperature values, user mode information, and clock data on the IoT gateway. The API returns JSON-formatted responses, and utilizes Token-based Authentication. It is listed in the Internet of Things category.

Shorten.REST is a URL shortening service designed for enterprise applications. The Shorten.REST API is used to retrieve snippet lists, retrieve raw click data for a specific account, get detailed information for a single alias by providing its alias and domain name, and more. The API returns JSON-formatted responses and is listed in the URL Shortener category.

Shorten.Rest provides a scalable solution for shortening URLs

Shorten.Rest provides a scalable solution for shortening URLs. Screenshot: Shorten.REST

Tenjin provides mobile marketing services including analytics, automated aggregation, source tracking, event insights, and data visualization. The Tenjin Campaign Management API integrates ad accounts, channels, and events with third-party applications. This API is listed in the Marketing category.

PrimeBit is a cryptocurrency Platform with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin transactions. The PrimeBit API allows developers to access trades, tickers, market data, account information, and orders. PrimeBit's Blockchain contracts support up to 200x leverage, fixed value transactions, and no expiration date. PrimeBit API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Democracy Works is a non-profit organization that provides technology for voting in elections. The Democracy Works Elections API enables developers to add state and municipal elections data to their applications. The API returns detailed calendar information of upcoming state, special, and local elections. Data is returned as JSON objects. The API is listed in the Voting category.

Amentum Aerospace provides modeling software and web APIs for space operations and research. The Amentum Route Dose API enables applications to estimate the radiation exposure of aircrew and pilots to ensure their exposures remain within acceptable limits. The API returns cosmic rays' ionizing radiation dose values along a flight route using the CARI-7 mode, which calculates cosmic ray doses in the atmosphere. This API is listed in the Science category.

Determine cosmic ray radiation risks with this API. Video: YouTube/ AmentumAerospace

JokeAPI is a RESTful API that serves uniformly and well-formatted jokes. It can be used without any API token, membership, registration, or payment. It supports a variety of filters that can be applied to get just the right jokes. This API is listed in the Humor category.

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