Daily API RoundUp: CDC, Dolby, AFP, Assembled, Chargetrip, Labelbox

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Health, Media, and Auto. Highlights include an API for EV navigation routing, APIs for Dolby.io media Platform, an API for AFP news, and APIs from the CDC. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Dolby, an audio and visual technology company, has unveiled Dolby.io, a platform for developers looking to enhance media and communications applications. The platform includes two new APIs, which we have added to the Media category. Dolby.io Media Processing APITrack this API gives developers the ability to enhance content with high-quality sound and provide data about audio loudness, distortion, noise, silence, and quality. Dolby Interactivity APITrack this API enables unified communications and collaboration with voice, video, and messaging (WebRTC), for developers to integrate into applications.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) provides global news and features with coverage of 151 countries. The AFP Content APITrack this API enables users to have open access to news articles to retrieve conditions, description, and data type, including products and content, consultation depth, countries, rules and more. The AFP API is listed under the News Services category.

WikiTree is free, crowdsourced genealogical family tree. The WikiTree APITrack this API let's users get data about ancestors, relatives, persons, and DNA profiles from the genealogy database. It includes 23,347,381 profiles, with 6,648,875 of them with submitted DNA tests. The API is listed under the Genealogy category.

More than 700,000 genealogists have contributed to the WikiTree

More than 700,000 genealogists have contributed to the WikiTree. Screenshot: WikiTree

SuperTokens provides secure session management features. The SuperTokens APITrack this API enables developers to integrate session management functionalities with their applications to prevent and detect attacks. SuperTokens supports biometrics, SMS or Email OTP, short and long lived tokens, refreshing sessions, Token theft detection, and Secret Key rotation. SuperTokens effectively implements Refresh Token Rotation as per the IETF RFC 6819 standard, and JSON Web Token sign-in Key Rotations. It is listed in the Security category.

Wobaka is a non-restricted Customer Relationship Management API that functions as a task manager with email Integration and contact pipelines. The Wobaka APITrack this API enables developers to create and view notes, create task objects, modify contact objects, manage messages, and manage members. The API features REST architecture and JSON responses. It is filed under Customer Relationship Management.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers APIs for integration with public health and disease data. We have added three of them to the directory in the Health category, and listed them below.

CDC Data Application Program Interface APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically query data stored by the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. The API returns stratification levels, content areas, indicators associated with a content area, measures for an indicator, and values for a measure.

CDC Surveillance Data Platform (SDP) APITrack this API allows healthcare applications to rapidly discover, reuse, and create data collection instruments. A Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Endpoint is available.

CDC Public Health Information Network Vocabulary Access and Distribution System (PHIN VADS) APITrack this API provides domain objects that represent vocabulary information, and data transfer objects (DTOs) used in public health and clinical care practice.

Jolocom is a Decentralized infrastructure for self-sovereign identity. The Jolocom ProtocolTrack this API can be utilized to manage and generate Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, and cryptographic signatures within applications. Jolocom Identities are designed to enable the management of multiple personas by individual users as well as preserve pairwise anonymity in context-specific interactions. This protocol is currently accessible indirectly, via SDKs.

Video: Vimeo/Jolocom

Labelbox is a platform for training Machine Learning modeling data. The Labelbox APITrack this API enables users to implement data labeling to compute model training for AI applications. Labelbox API, accessible by Python SDK, can ease functionality without having to write GraphQL queries. The Documentation includes installation, setup, and some common use cases. This API is listed in the Machine Learning category.

Assembled is a workforce management platform built to forecast support demand, build and manage team schedules, and uncover insights to improve support operations. The Assembled APITrack this API allows developers to forecast demand, plan staffing, and manage schedules in the Assembled modern workforce management platform. The Assembled API is listed under the Human Resources category.

Forecast staffing needs with Assembled API

Forecast staffing needs with Assembled API. Screenshot: Assembled

Chargetrip gives developers access to a electronic vehicle (EV) navigation routing engine that is already used by car manufacturers and e-mobility services around the world. The Chargetrip GraphQL APITrack this API enables users to determine EV-specific routing into products built for drivers of electric cars. Methods are available to manage cars, charging stations, tile service, routes, and schema. This API is listed in the Auto category.

BrainBI is an online price monitoring solution based in UK and Germany. The Brainbi APITrack this API offers price analytics small and medium eCommerce. The API offers RESTful access to all artifacts on the platform: prices, competitor prices, optimizations, dynamic pricing, customer analytics, recommendations for every eCommerce. It is listed in the Prices category.

Free SVG Clipart provides a Library of thousands of free clippable images. The Free SVG Clipart APITrack this API allows developers to search, update, and upload clipart to FreeSVGClipart. It is listed in the Images category.

DEAR Systems is cloud inventory management software for eCommerce. The DEAR Systems APITrack this API provides ways to manage eCommerce enterprise Resource planning (ERP) data including invoices, customers, suppliers, and additional business operations. The API is listed in the eCommerce category.

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