Daily API RoundUp: Cloudbet, Chronomics, OpenGraphr, IBANAPI

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Health, Gambling, and Charity. Highlights include APIs for integrating with Virgin Money Giving Platform and and API to retrieve Open Graph data from URLs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Virgin Money offers full banking services. Virgin Money Giving is a platform for UK charities to raise money by donations for creative efforts. The Virgin Money Giving Fundraisers APITrack this API provides information about fundraisers in the Virgin Money Giving database. Developers can search the database by full or partial name, and get data returned including fundraiser name, profile, web page, cover image. It also offers country code and address lookup. The Virgin Money Giving Charities APITrack this API enables users to create new fundraiser accounts, plus Fetch donation information from the Virgin Money Giving database. This API is listed in the Charity category.

Cloudbet is a provider of sports betting odds and markets in both crypto and fiat currencies. Cloudbet APITrack this API allows developers to access markets and odds as well as place bets on Cloudbet programatically. API functionality includes retrieving live and prematch odds, retrieving your Cloudbet account information, and placing bets on Cloudbet odds programmatically. This API is listed in the Gambling category.

Cloudbet API

Screenshot: Cloudbet

Chronomics provides at home testing kits for health, including COVID-19, PCR diagnostics, rapid antigen and antibodies tests, travel tests and bundles, and epigenetic tests for determining health from DNA. The Chronomics bio data APITrack this API enables users to order a range of health tests including COVID-19 tests and receive results back. API methods are available to manage orders, tests, and labs. This API is listed in the Health category.

IBANAPI is a free APITrack this API that provides IBAN validation and banking account information. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is mainly used to facilitate the automatic processing of money transfers. Developers can register for an API access. This API is listed in the Open Banking category.

OpenGraphr APITrack this API is a really simple API to retrieve Open Graph data from an URL, even if it does not have Open Graph tags setup. It is bundled with an Open Graph debugger and TailwindCSS snippets for developers to create OpenGraph visualizations inside applications. It is listed in the Open Graph category.

OpenGraphr API

Screenshot: OpenGraphr

Storyshaker is a digital communication tool from Newsroom Communications for posting news across all channels. The platform enables users to publish content on their own websites as well as social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. The Storyshaker APITrack this API enables developers to interact with data from the service, and includes methods to manage associated newsrooms, specific newsrooms, social wall entries, full text search, image and story uploading and posting and more. This API is filed under News Services.

toFret provides online fret board tools including a tablature player, universal chord finder, and reverse chord finder. The toFret Reverse Chord APITrack this API enables users to POST chords and scales for notes with urlencode (ie A F# Eb would be A+F%23+Eb) and get JSON format array of the scales and chords returned. This API is filed in the Music category.

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