Daily API RoundUp: Coda, InCountry, DarkSearch, rideOS, Accelo

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Nineteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Transportation, and Sales. Highlights include rideOS ride hailing APIs and DarkSearch API for the dark web search engine. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Sofia Jago is a remote access control management Platform that simplifies key deliveries for physical locks. Sofia features smartphone specific keys, time restrictions, entrance logs, and group users and accesses. The Sofia Jago APITrack this API introduces advanced access control for businesses. The Sofia Jago API is listed under the Internet of Things category. S

Sofia Jago API

Screenshot: Sofia

InCountry provides storage for mission critical data in its country of origin. This facilitates compliance and management of regulated records in different countries. InCountry provides several SDKs for indirect APITrack this API consumption. The SDKs encrypt and decrypt data, and manage storage across InCountry's points of presence worldwide. InCountry API is filed under Storage.

ArchiStar. AI provides a service to find, assess and generate property designs. The ArchiStar APITrack this API provides a way to find property development potential for any block of land. The API enables users to find potential based on suburb, street address, property insights, planning essentials, and more. This API is listed under the Real Estate category.

TheRundown offers real-time odds and scores from major sports-books. NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball are supported. TheRundown APITrack this API enables specific information associated with sports by ID, affiliates, and lines. This API returns JSON formatted responses, and is filed in the Sports category.

Talon.One promotion engine enables users to create and manage coupon codes, discounts, loyalty programs, referral rewards, and product bundlings in one system. The Talon.One APITrack this API includes the Integration Endpoint to create customer profiles, track actions with custom events, and more; plus the Management endpoint, which returns all information about user applications, campaigns, rulesets, and attributes. Targeted industries are eCommerce, eSports, marketplace, telecommunication, travel, car rental, and airlines. This API is listed in the Loyalty category.

JVZoo is a Software-as-a-Service that aims to optimize online businesses with sales, marketing, and delivery. The JVZoo APITrack this API returns JSON responses with affiliate marketing, transaction, and recurring payments data. The JVZoo API is listed under the Sales category.

DarkSearch is a free darkweb search engine that has indexed nearly half a million Tor pages. The DarkSearch APITrack this API allows developers to query the darkweb search engine. The API is limited to 30 queries per minute. It is listed in the Search category.

Currents services provides the latest news from 14,000 news source in over 20 languages. The Currents APITrack this API allows users to search through millions of news articles, stream the latest international news, get historical data based on some filter parameters and more. It is filed under News Services.

Coda is a new kind of document that is collaborative and scalable. The Coda APITrack this API returns JSON data to list and search Coda docs, create new docs and copy existing ones, discover sections, folders, tables, formulas, and controls, and read, insert, upsert, update, and delete rows. This API is listed in the Documents category.

Introducing Coda 1.0 Video: YouTube/Coda.io

Revenue Monster is a payment gateway that combines mobile payments, loyalty programs, and social media in one platform. The Revenue Monster Open APITrack this API enables developers to manage payments, stores, loyalty, and users. The API features REST architecture and JSON-formatted responses an is listed under Payments.

Accelo provides service operations (ServOps) automation for service businesses. The Accelo Public REST APITrack this API enables users to interact with the Accelo business services systems with endpoints for activities, affiliations, contracts, expenses, invoices, jobs, contacts and many others. The Accelo Forms APITrack this API creates a way to add forms into a web page. Both APIs are listed in the Business category.

Accelo API

Screenshot: Accelo

SecureMail APITrack this API enables developers to send email messages securely and compliant with mandatory GDPR/AVG regulations for businesses. The API checks the security of the connection with email servers and sends messages only through secure servers. It is listed in the Compliance category.

rideOS provides a technology platform for ridehail services. There are several APIs available to integrate custom ridehail services with applications. We have added them to the Transportation category and listed them below.

rideOS RideHail Operations APITrack this API allows programmatic access to ride hail operations including fleets, trips, drivers, and riders.

rideOS RideHail Driver APITrack this API allows users to operate the driver side of a ride hail service, with CRUD methods to manage vehicles and trips.

rideOS RideHail Rider APITrack this API enables users to operate the rider side of a ride hail service, with CRUD methods for trip requests and management.

rideOS Fleet Planner APITrack this API allows for automating fleet management tasks.

rideOS Path APITrack this API enables users to find the optimal path between multiple waypoints within specified constraints.

rideOS ETA APITrack this API enables users to estimate the time of arrival between several origins and destinations.

rideOS APIs

Screenshot: rideOS

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