Daily API RoundUp: Coinbase Rosetta, SecureNative, JupiterOne, Bubble, WeatherOps

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Security, Blockchain, and Weather. Highlights include the SecureNative API for managing security flows and APIs from WeatherOps to help forecast projections for businesses. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Bluestream Health provides a HIPAA-compliant Platform for telehealth video conferencing between patients and health care providers. The Bluestream Health APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the platform to manage call links, customers, expertise, facilities and more. This API is listed in the Healthcare category on ProgrammableWeb.

Bluestream Health API

Screenshot: Bluestream Health

Rosetta is a set of tools and open source specification to integrate with Blockchains. This Rosetta Node APITrack this API is a specification for Blockchain data format and interacting with a Blockchain node. It provides a configuration for an automated deployment of the implementation using a Dockerfile. It is filed in the Blockchain category.

JupiterOne is a cloud-native security and compliance platform that enables the creation of entire security processes. The JupiterOne Platform GraphQL APITrack this API enables developers to access entity and relationship mutations. This platform can create policies, and manage compliance and certification details. Find it in the Security category.

FIO (Foundation for Interwallet Operability) is a consortium of leading wallets, exchanges, and crypto payment processors. The FIO APITrack this API allows developers to access blockchain information such as transactions, blocks, fee ratios, Tokens, and addresses.


Screenshot: FIO

SecureNative is a security platform that protects against fake account creation, account takeovers, business logic abuse, content spam, screwed analytics, and in-app scrapping. The SecureNative APITrack this API enables developers to manage and execute security flows in a SecureNative environment. It is listed in the Security category.

Mux is an API for streaming video. The Mux Animated GIFs APITrack this API enables users to generate short animaged GIFs from a video. Query parameters include video timeline, width and height in pixels of the animated gif, and the frame rate of the generated GIF.

Corda is a blockchain platform for business. Applications integrated with Corda can handle 600 transactions per second, support shared transaction histories, are 100% compatible with other blockchains, and are cloud ready. The Corda APITrack this API allows developers to access contracts, vault query data, transactions, and contract states. This API is also listed in the Blockchain category.

Amentum provides scientific models that calculate physical quantities on demand. The Amentum Gravity API returns calculated values specific to the Earth's magnetic field. The API provides access to the EGM2008 model (developed by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency), and returns geoid information. Geoid is the surface that defines zero elevation; this is the shape the ocean surface would take if only gravity and rotation of the Earth were considered. Find this API in the Science category.

Bubble provides a drag-and-drop editor that allows anyone to design, develop, and host interactive web applications without having to code. The Bubble APITrack this API enables developers to access Bubble's platform programmatically in order to send requests to Bubble's servers, trigger app workflows, or read app data. This allows developers to use Bubble without having to host the database. Find this API in the Application Development category.

Name Parser APITrack this API splits a complete name into useful information such as first name, last name, gender, and nationality. The API allows to access name validation, gender by first name, fake name detection, nationality prediction, and randomizer. The API is listed under Names.

Wultra offers digital banking application tools. Wultra NextStep is an Authentication interface for Fintech applications. The Wultra NextStep APITrack this API is capable of listing available authentication methods and enable or disable authentication methods per registered user. It is listed in the Banking category.

WeatherOps provides insights for how weather affects businesses. Four WeatherOps APIs were added to the Weather category.

WeatherOps Point Forecast APITrack this API returns location related data, current conditions, daily forecast, and hourly forecast in JSON and XML formats.

WeatherOps Forensics APITrack this API provides geospatial (proximity and distance) archive and current data for events like hail occurrences, hail size, wind gust events, wind gust duration, lightning strikes, storm reports, and tornadoes.

WeatherOps Map Tiles APITrack this API can access weather content in the format of images via the WeatherOps API Tiling (SWARM) API service. The service uses HTTPS access and currently consists of two types of requests: valid frames requests and tile requests.

WeatherOps Climate Analysis APITrack this API retrieves degree days, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, temperature, wind, evapotranspiration, and climatology data in JSON format. Responses can be about historical, current, or forecast data for any area, such as an agriculture field, urban area, or utility service area, with time series specifications.

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