Daily API RoundUp: Commercio, Noonlight, Positron, Bimsync, ManageIQ

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, 3D, and Virtualization. Highlights include an API that enables IoT devices to notify the authorities in case of an emergency, and an API for encrypting and signing business documents. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


iQuipsys Positron is a REST interface designed to provide tracking capabilities for personnel and equipment. Positron offers real-time monitoring, recording and playback functions, rules and alarms for outdoor and indoor use, and data analysis features. The iQuipsys Positron APITrack this API returns zone information, beacon data, and device information. This API is listed in the Internet of Things category.

Monitor personnel and production equipment with the Positron API

Monitor personnel and production equipment with the Positron API. Image: iQuipsys

ManageIQ is a hybrid cloud management and automation Platform that enables organizations to deploy, manage and optimize clouds, virtualized infrastructures, and virtual desktops. The platform features unified monitoring, automation, and management across globally distributed data centers and enterprise clouds. The ManageIQ APITrack this API is a REST-based interface intended to automate models, manage Authentication, and enable event streams. It is listed in the Virtualization category.

Commercio allows developers to encrypt, exchange, and sign business documents using Blockchain technology. The Commercio APITrack this API enables third-party applications with document exchange capabilities. Commercio enables B2B eCommerce, Fintech, and document exchange applications with the means to guarantee that documents are created by the declared sender, and that they are not altered during transport. The API is filed in the Documents category.

Simple JSON BLOB Storage APITrack this API enables developers to securely store and retrieve JSON data in their applications. Data is secured by HTTPS, and users can create multiple API keys for an account. A free tier is offered which supports up to 3,000 requests per month, and a maximum of 1 MB per JSON or text blob. The API is listed in the Storage category.

Noonlight is an service that can share vital data from a user's connected IoT devices with first responders. The Noonlight APITrack this API enables developers to integrate emergency service dispatching, such as Police and EMS, with their applications. The Noonlight API creates an alarm when an API call is made which is handled by one of the dispatchers at Noonlight's 24/7 monitoring centers. The API can be utilized to create alarms, update an alarm status, retrieve alarm information, and update persons. It is listed in the Safety category.

Noonlight API

Screenshot: Noonlight

Verimail provides an email verification system that can be integrated with approved partner applications. The Verimail APITrack this API is a REST-based interface intended to take an email address as an input, and to tell if emails are deliverable to this address or not. Responses carry a JSON Payload. The API is listed in the Email category.

ParcelInfo.io APITrack this API returns property information in third-party applications. The API returns building and land characteristics, photos, sketches, mapping data, historical and current property values, and sales information. The API uses JSON for requests and responses. This API is provided by Property Records Preservation, LLC. It is listed in the Real Estate category.

Bimsync enables complete revision control of 3D visualizations. Models are stored in the cloud, which allows for collaborative access. The Bimsync REST APITrack this API returns user information, project data, organization information, and member files. The API is filed in our 3D category.

Bimsync API

Screenshot: Catenda

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