Daily API RoundUp: Contrast Security, Foreman, Tickeron

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including DevOps, Politics, and Security. Highlights include the Checkly API for monitoring APIs and the Contrast Security API to help thwart cyber attacks on applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Checkly is a service for DevOps teams to monitor APIs and site click flows. The Checkly APITrack this API monitors API Endpoint correctness. The API is used to retrieve monitoring results, connect dashboards, and see status reports. JSON is the preferred response format. This API uses API Keys for Authentication and is listed in the DevOps category.

Living Stream Ministry provides the Text Only Holy Bible Recovery Version APITrack this API, which returns JSON formats with bible verses to integrate into website, plugins, and applications. It is listed in the Religion category.

NGP is a technology service provider for political campaigns. The NGP VAN APITrack this API returns JSON data about political fundraising and compliance. With the API, developers can create and manage applications using API methods for people, canvass responses, activist codes, survey questions, codes, events, supported groups, district fields, and designations into applications. We've listed this API under Politics.

Rainbow Connection provides information to promote rights for LGBT people in the U.S. The Rainbow Connection APITrack this API offers JSON responses containing members of congress, bills, and issues affecting LGBT policy. This data can be utilized to dynamically populate visualizations. The API is also listed in the Politics category.

Get information about LGBT rights bills with Rainbow Connection API

Get information about LGBT rights bills with Rainbow Connection API. Screenshot: Rainbow Connection

United States Naval Observatory (USNO) Astronomical Applications APITrack this API provides a way to query the Astronomical Applications Department for data and images. The API allows users to query USNO calculators and integrate a cylindrical map of the Earth into applications, create a view of the Earth with daytime and nighttime areas shaded, compute the dates and times of a list of primary moon phases and more. It is listed in the Astronomy category.

Mothernode Mothernode is an enterprise CRM that integrates sales orders, invoicing, and accounting. It provides sales automation, analytics, and customer management functions. The Mothernode APITrack this API offers data about customer records, contact records, leads, and events. This information is available in JSON format. The API is listed in the Customer Relationship Management category.

Slybroadcast provides mobile voicemail delivery technology. The Slybroadcast APITrack this API provides access to the Mobilesphere/Slybroadcast ringless voicemail messaging Platform for third-party integrations. The API supports data collection, data submission and audio file delivery to voicemail. It can collect the audio file, phone number and the caller ID of the originating number. It is listed in the Voice category.

Canny is a customer feedback management tool. The Canny APITrack this API offers programmatic access to feedback for making better product decisions. The API has methods for managing boards, comments, posts, status changes, tags, users, and votes. It is filed under the Feedback category.

Vini APITrack this API offers vehicle history reports from Carfax, AutoCheck, and Copart. The API can be utilized to check balances, retrieve reports, add funds, and check report availability by VIN number. It is filed in the Auto category.

Tickeron is a financial marketplace powered by Artificial Intelligence. Tickeron APITrack this API offers summaries and technical analysis data for any stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency. This information is provided via RSS Feed. The Tickeron API is listed in the Financial category.

Contrast Security is a provider of security technology that enables applications to protect themselves against cyber attacks. The Contrast Security APITrack this API allows developers to access vulnerability information, coverage data, agent data, and more in their applications. It is listed under the Security category.

Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. The Foreman APITrack this API returns data about physical and virtual servers. GET requests can access operating system ID, pages, orders, locations, and organizations. Resources include architectures, audits, bookmarks, parameters, compute profiles, domains, environments, notifications, parameters, plugins, and puppet classes. The Foreman API is listed under the Automation category.

Bitfly APITrack this API provides cryptocurrency Ethereum mining pool data. Developers can make 100 requests every 15 minutes. Endpoints are CORS. The API is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Textita is a messaging and two-factor authentication service capable of verifying phone numbers. Developers need only to add a HTTP request in their applications to create one time passwords (OTP), and send SMS texts. The Textita APITrack this API is listed under the Messaging category.

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