Daily API RoundUp: Convier, Dad Jokes, APIClub, Leaf, CelebrityNinjas

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Agriculture, Humor, and Energy. Highlights include an API for Convier.me, a calendar service aimed at developers, and an API which returns random Dad Jokes. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ESG Enterprise Data API allows users to query and search Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risk ratings with the company name and stock symbols. ESG Enterprise database maintains over 40000 company ratings worldwide. This REST API supports data searches for ESG risk scores that are formatted in JSON. The API is listed in the Environment category.

ESG Enterprise API

Screenshot: ESG Enterprise

Convier is a calendar service for developers. The Convier REST APITrack this API enables developers to send calendar invitations with methods for meetings or events, to-do and journal. This API is listed under Calendars.

Corrently provides the latest information of green energy at a specific location in Germany. The Corrently green energy dispatch REST API allows applications to do schedule management of green energy generation facilities, plus determine demand and resilience management for grid operators. This API is listed in the Energy category.

CelebrityNinjas provides an APITrack this API to access a comprehensive database of famous celebrities from actors/actresses to athletes to politicians to business leaders. Responses may include name, gender, height, birthday, net worth, nationality, deathday and occupation. This API is filed under Celebrities.

Dad Jokes APITrack this API returns Dad Jokes at random, or by joke ID, joke type, and enables Dad Jokes search. Find this API in the Humor category.

Leaf provides farm data Integration services. The Leaf REST APITrack this API offers aggregated data from all major food & agriculture brands. Methods are available to manage users, field boundaries, machine operation data, satellite imagery data and file converters.

APIclub.in Vehicle Information APITrack this API provides information about Indian vehicles such as VIN number and license plate number.

APIclub.in Train PNR Status APITrack this API provides information about Indian train PNR status including PNR number.

APIclub.in Daily Quotes APITrack this API provides random quotes of various types including funny, motivational, emotional and many more.

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