Daily API RoundUp: Cordra, Convertigo, FarmBot, BHEX, AppLovin

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cyptocurrency, eCommerce, and Government. Featured is an API for integrating with a backyard robotic farm and an API for monetizing games and other applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Mintegral is an AI-based mobile advertising Platform. The Mintegral APITrack this API enables advertising tools focused on the Asia-Pacific market. Approved partners can use the API to access campaign information including target country, spending, and click count. The API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Advertising category.

Alkemics is a retail collaboration platform that helps retailers and brands manage, collaborate and share product data in one place. The Alkemics APITrack this API enables retailers to streamline sharing product data across all platforms for selling. Use the API to manage products, tariffs, and segments. It is available in French and English languages. The API is listed in the eCommerce category.

Volatile is a free (within rate limits) key-value pair tool. The Volatile APITrack this API allows anyone to maintain any values without the use of Authentication tokens. It is useful if developers need to store small things and don't want the overhead of a database. It is filed in Database category.

FarmBot is an open source robotics system for backyard farms. The FarmBot API retrieves agriculture data supported by Documentation, hardware, Machine Learning, and software. Users need to provide a planter bed, electricity, water, and internet. The API is listed in the Agriculture category.

The FarmBot Genesis MAX v1.5 is programmed and controlled using the web application

The FarmBot Genesis MAX v1.5 is programmed and controlled using the web application. Image: FarmBot

Cordra is configurable software for managing digital objects with resolvable identifiers. The Cordra APITrack this API returns configurable software properties to manage digital objects at scale in NoSQL. This API is accessible indirectly via SDKs, wherein developers can implement application design identifiers such as design objects, payloads, lifecycle hooks, handle Integration, and Versioning. They can configure single instance Cordra, reindexing, manage logs, backend, distribute sessions manager, administrate Web UIM, and migrate across environments. It is listed in the NoSQL category.

Convertigo is a low code MXDP (Multi eXperience Development Platform). Convertigo features enterprise data connectors, cross-platform support, server-side business logic, automated testing, hardware support (including GPS, cameras, and sensors), and integrated version control. The Convertigo APITrack this API is offereed indirectly through several SDKs for easy integration.

Companies House is an government agency that provides data about UK companies. The Companies House Document REST APITrack this API allows users to Fetch a information about documents filed to the Companies House register. It also returns a document's metadata. It is listed in the Government category.

AppLovin enables developers to acquire new users, gain detailed insights, and monetize their games. The AppLovin Basic Reporting APITrack this API returns campaign data to publishers and advertisers in JSON or CSV format. AppLovin offers growth engine, advertising tools, and publishing support. The AppLovin API is filed in the Monetization category.

Korbot Exchange is a crypto exchange for algorithmic trading. The Korbot Exchange Wallet APITrack this API allows developers to transfer funds among their main account, sub accounts, and various trading accounts. It can also be used to get deposit addresses and make withdrawals. The Korbot Exchange Token Trading APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve market data, account information, and bill details for their trading accounts. The API can also place, cancel, or retrieve orders. The Korbot Exchange Websocket APITrack this API allows developers to subscribe to channels to receive market data. This API is strongly recommended for developers who want to access market-related information and trading depth. Korbot Exchange APIs are listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

BHEX (Bluehelix) is a cryptocurrency assets financial services provider. The BHEX REST APITrack this API provides market data endpoints for getting market depth, recent trades, the kline/candlestick bars for a symbol, 24-hour price change statistics, the latest price for a symbol, and more. This API can also be used to send or cancel an order. The BHEX Options Open APITrack this API provides public methods for retrieving trading and expired options, the current index price and EDP, the options order book, the latest trades for a given option, and kline information. The API also provides private methods for managing orders. The BHEX Contract APITrack this API provides public endpoints for getting current broker trading rules, symbol information, current insurance funding, underlying asset index prices, current funding rates, and more. BHEX APIs are also listed under Cryptocurrecy.

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