Daily API RoundUp: Coronavirus APIs, Zirra, Socialbakers, NS1, XWord

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Financial, and Games. Highlights include 5 more APIs for COVID-19 data, an API for The New York Times crossword puzzle data, and an API for auto sales data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Smartable AI is an Artificial Intelligence services provider that offers free access to the company's newly developed COVID-19 Stats & News API. The Smartable AI COVID-19 Stats and News APITrack this API returns the latest and historic Coronavirus disease information per country or state. Read more about how Smartable AI built this API.

New South Wales COVID-19 Cases APITrack this API provides the latest information associated with the Coronavirus disease in New South Wales, Australia. The API returns confirmed cases, cases under investigation, cases acquired overseas, cases under investigation, and their respective reference sources. This API requires no Authentication.

COVID-19 GraphQL APITrack this API enables mutable queries about the Coronavirus disease. The API supports time series data associated with deaths and cases by country. Additionally, the API returns the most recent confirmed cases per country.

Health API enables statistics associated with the COVID-19 virus. The APITrack this API returns aggregated statistics such as total confirmed cases, deaths, and recovered patients, and country statistics. Data is sourced from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE).

TheVirusTracker provides the Coronavirus Data APITrack this API for free data options related to COVID-19: global stats, country stats, full timeline, and country timeline. Developers can invoke the $.ajax method to get JSON-formatted responses.

Get maps, news feeds, and other data about COVID-19 via TheVirusTracker API

Get maps, news feeds, and other data about COVID-19 via TheVirusTracker API. Image: TheVirusTracker

The COVID-19 data APIs listed above are all free to use and listed in the Coronavirus category on ProgrammableWeb.

VRTCAL enables advertising technologies in mobile applications, delivering ads to audiences which are specific to content and targeted users. The VRTCAL APITrack this API allows developers to improve targeting and improve their effective cost per mille by specifying several parameters including geocountry, gender, keywords, and domain. The API is listed in the Advertising category.

Zirra provides AI, NLP, and Machine Learning for educated, mathematically-informed investment decisions. With Zirra APITrack this API, developers can get data about companies, such as team metrics, open positions, and web traffic; news and events such as funding, partnerships, and acquisitions; and scoring including hundreds of metrics as historical time series data. It is listed in the Financial category.

Socialbakers is a unified social media marketing Platform that features a management dashboard, influencer marketing, content strategy, intelligence, reporting, and customer care. The Socialbakers APITrack this API retrieves marketing data about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instragram posts, metrics, reference data, aggregated post metrics, and visual analytics from Tableau and Google Data Studio. The API, in REST architecture, is listed in the Social category.


Screenshot: Socialbakers

XWord Info is a comprehensive record of New York Times puzzles. The XWord Info APITrack this API displays crossword puzzle data in JSON format. With the API, developers can define JSON format details to create a grid definition, number the grid, circle, add clues, reveal answers, and include notes, title, publisher (newspaper), editor, copyright, date. It is listed in the Games category.

NS1 is an application traffic management DNS platform. The NS1 REST APITrack this API provides access to zones and records, data sources and feeds, account settings and users, and other aspects of NS1 accounts. NS1 features a unique Filter Chain routing engine for optimal application performance and reliability. NS1 offers global server load balancing, DevOps and automation, Multi-CDN management, and Multi-Cloud orchestration. This API is listed in the Networking category.

Competitive Intelligence Solutions (CIS) provides automotive market sales data. The CIS Automotive APITrack this API provides endpoints on sales, supply, pricing, and automotive market data associated to brands and regions. Endpoints are generated daily from the database of over 40k dealerships and 400M vehicles. The CIS Automotive API is listed in the Auto category.

Unofficial Robinhood Investments REST APITrack this API provides queries to access stock quotes, market trends, options, crypto, and financial news from the Robinhood website. Endpoints include cryptocurrencies (details, pairs, and historicals), quotes (ratings, earnings, similarities, and fundamentals), markets (list, details, and open hours), and news (related and top). This API is not officially associated with Robinhood Financial. It is filed under Financial.

Truck Parking Europe APITrack this API in REST architecture offers heavy goods vehicles' (HGV) parking information in JSON format. With 36,462 parking spots across Europe, users can filter spots based on size, facilities, and location. It is listed in the Parking category.

Lichess is a free, open-source chess server powered by volunteers and donations. With Lichess, users can embed Lichess TV in a site, embed the daily puzzle in a site, embed a chess analysis in a site, and embed a chess game in a site. The Lichess APITrack this API retrieves chess data including games, teams, boards, bots, challenges, and tournaments exposing REST HTTP/JSON API. It is filed under Games.

TON (Telegram Open Network) Labs is a fast, secure, and scalable Blockchain. TON offers smart contracts, upgradeable formal blockchain specifications, support for micropayment channels, and off-chain payment networks. TON makes distributed services and blockchain technologies accessible to ordinary users. The APITrack this API is accessible via SDKs, and filed under the Blockchain category.

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