Daily API RoundUp: Coronavirus, U2F, Golf-Course Database, Localz

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Blockchain, Shipping, and Coronavirus. Highlights include an API for determining the most efficient way to pack a shipping Container, and an API that returns daily COVID-19 data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


NovelCOVID CoronaVirus REST API returns the current cases and more information about COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus Strain. This API is free to use, and requires no Authentication. Users may retrieve relevant information about cases, today's cases, deaths, today's deaths, recovered, and critical. The API returns JSON formatted responses, supports country-specific responses, and is listed in the Coronavirus category.

U2F (Universal Two Factor Authentication) APITrack this API integrates hardware key based authentication with applications. The interface supports compatible keys such as HyperFIDO. Websites must be served via HTTPS. The API decrypts and verifies registration requests and signing requests. It is listed in the Authentication category.

3D Bin Packing APITrack this API is a container packing Platform powered by Machine Learning. Developers can integrate with this API to reduce split order shipping expenses, optimize space efficiency, and reduce accidental damage. The API is listed in the Shipping category.

3D Bin Packing API provides an optimal packing solution based on machine learning

3D Bin Packing API provides an optimal packing solution based on machine learning. Image: robo-packing

Localz is a field service, collection and delivery workforce management platform that enables real-time employee visibility, engagement features, two-way multichannel communications, and location-triggered SMS. The Localz Click&Collect APITrack this API allows developers to integrate customer authentication, customer event, and order support with their applications. It is listed in the Ordering category.

TranslateMe is an AI-driven Decentralized translation platform which uses a blockchain, decentralized model to execute its translation algorithms. The TranslateMe APITrack this API enables applications to translate from French to English. The API is listed in the Translation category.

The Unofficial Fidelity Investments APITrack this API enables developers to query for market movers, international markets, sector performance, orders, and news from the Fidelity Investments website. This API is not officially associated with FMR (Fidelity Sites). It is filed under Financial.

Three golf-related APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb Sports category. They are:

Golf Savers APITrack this API enables golf booking services in the Asia-Pacific region. The API supports geographic and financial data, golf rates, and region information.

Golf Scorecard Pro APITrack this API enables interaction with a golf competition data platform that features golf live scoring, scorecards, players, courses, and rounds in real-time for golf competitions. With the API, developers can create a new competition, update a round, access competition details and leaderboard.

Golf-Course Database APITrack this API offers detailed information about golf courses from over 39,000 golf courses around the world, 108 different fields for each club, plus offers rigorous data quality verification.

NeuroMorpho provides access to an inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications. The database contains contributions from over 500 laboratories. The NeuroMorpho REST APITrack this API offers neuron data, literature information, and morphometry measurements. The API is listed in the Science category.

QLC Chain is an infrastructure level blockchain with telecommunications capabilities. The QLC Chain JSON-RPC APITrack this API enables account management, contract management, and ledger access. QLC Chain features scalability (with a Multidimensional Block Lattice structure), low energy consumption, and Smart Contract support. This API is lsted in the Blockchain category.

Whitecoin is a platform that connects blockchains together and enables accessibility among blockchain and non-blockchain networks. This allows for cross-chain design. Whitecoin uses Blockchain Multi Tunnel (BMT) protocol, Whitecoin Axis, Indicator, and smart contracts to create network interoperability. Programmatically, Whitecoin is accessible through a JSON-RPC interfaceTrack this API, and SDKs. It is also fied under Blockchain.

Public Health England agency offers the Fingertips APITrack this API to access data from UK's Public Health Profiles including areas, data, entities, indicator metadata, and profiles. Public health highlighted profiles include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease, child and maternal health, mental health, dementia, and neurology, productive health aging profile, and national general practices. This API is listed in the Health category.

justLikeAPI is an APITrack this API that can enable aggregation of reviews, ratings, and review data. It also offers a way to validate said data and to reply to existing reviews. Data includes review author username, date, body, replies, image, and more. It pulls data from Yelp, Facebook, Zillow, The Knot, Zomato, Houzz, Home Advisor, Wedding Wire, Apartments.com and others. It is listed in the Ratings category.

Video: YouTube/justLikeAPI

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