Daily API RoundUp: Corrily, Neuro AI, 11Sight, docugen

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Six APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Prices, Documents, and Machine Learning. Highlights include an API for optimizing prices based on a user's location or other criteria, and an API for compiling machine learning models. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Neuro AI provides infrastructure for machine learning models so developers don't need to deal with servers. The Neuro AI APITrack this API is accessible indirectly via Python. Use the API to compile, predict and train machine learning models in cloud hardware. Data can be uploaded and models exported to the original format it was in. Global models will be exported as pytorch models. Find this API in the Machine Learning category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Neuro AI

Screenshot: Neuro AI

Corrily is a price optimization tool for sellers who use Stripe. The Corrily APITrack this API enables developers to offer optimized prices based on a user's location, adapt prices by testing visitor response to different prices, and offer dynamic discounts for reaching more customers. This API is listed in the Prices category.

docugen streamlines business paperwork by offering bulk generation for filling in documents and control on document generation & management. The docugen APITrack this API enables users to generate the filled document through a single API Request. It is listed in the Documents category.

11Sight offers video call and chat for customer engagement services. The 11Sight RESTful APITrack this API enables developers to manage users, calls, call details, passwords, profile information, notifications and inbox. 11Sight is useful for car dealerships, retail, real estate, telehealth, finance and other industries. This API is listed in the WebRTC category.

Add live video customer service functions to applications with 11Sight API

Add live video customer service functions to applications with 11Sight API. Image: 11Sight/Google Play

API Spot's Bulk WHOIS and Domains APITrack this API enables developers to create, retrieve, and manage bulk domains. It also offers domain check and domain rank. It's listed under Domains.

TikApi is an unofficial TikTok APITrack this API. Developers can use it to retrieve basic profile information and content interaction. Profile information includes methods to retrieve Feed posts, liked posts, and explore posts. Also get lists of follows and unfollows. Retrieve video information and manage comments as well with this API, which is listed in the Social category.

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