Daily API RoundUp: Courier, Movesense, Replica, TruAnon

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Restaurants, Travel, and Voice. Highlights include the Courier API which offers notifications services for all channels, and the Replica API for creating customized Artificial Intelligence voices. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Courier is a service that lets users design notifications once and deliver them to any channel--push notifications, direct messages, SMS, and email--with a single Courier APITrack this API. The API offers methods to manage brands, messages, events, lists, profiles and preferences. It is listed in the Notifications category.

Courier API

Screenshot: Courier

Movesense APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically interact with the Movesense open sensor development Platform for measuring movement and physiology. The API offers GET, PUT, POST, DELETE actions for exchanging data with the Movesense sensor, with functions for accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature, ECG, HR, and more. Also manage advertising settings and device bonding with the API, which is listed in the Wearable category.

TravelAdvice APITrack this API enables developers to add travel restrictions, including COVID-19 restriction information to applications. The information is sourced from official government advice for almost any destination desired. Data for airlines, school closures, workplace closures, public transport, internal travel and more is offered, along with recommendations, requirements for testing, certification and quarantine, and an overall risk level. Developers need to register for API and Documentation access. This API is filed under Travel.

We Work Remotely is a remote work community and marketplace for listing and finding remote jobs. The We Work Remotely APITrack this API enables developers to interact with the platform and to post jobs, manage job posts, and search jobs. Job categories include design, business management, marketing, finance, programming, DevOps, sales, customer support and more. The API is listed in the Remote Workforce category.

Replica enables users to create a AI-enabled Replica Voice using their own speech patterns, pronunciation and emotional range. Replica also provides voice artist on-demand services, in which users can choose other voices to read their scripts. The Replica APITrack this API gives developers Integration with the service, with methods to methods to manage voice, text to speech (TTS), and pauses, pitch, etc using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This API is useful for games, advertising, robots, smart speaker skills and more. It is listed in the Voice category.

Replica API

Screenshot: Replica Studios

Foodetective offers restaurant guide information, reviews, booking tables, and ordering takeout services. The Foodetective API offers account holders access to the restaurant data and functions. Developers wishing to create applications and view documentation need to register for an account. Foodetective is listed in the Restaurants category.

Monster Hunter: World is a role playing game available on XBox One, PlayStation, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. The Monster Hunter World DB (MHWDB) is a database containing data about the game. The MHWDB APITrack this API enables users to retrieve data about ailments, armor, charms, decorations, events, locations, items, monsters, motion values, skills, weapons, results projections, and more, as well as search the API. The database is not officially associated with the game maker, CAPCOM. Find this API under Games.

TruAnon provides digital identity services for business. The TruAnon Private APITrack this API offers developers a digital identity badge that lets members back their claim of legitimacy on websites, services, and applications. The API provides methods to retrieve member profile IDs and is filed under Identity.

Arcopay is a payment institution licensed to operate throughout Europe. The Arcopay APITrack this API is a PSD2 compliant API for instant payments. It offers this White Label API that through a single integration enables instant payments with any European bank. Arcopay API is in the Payments category.

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