Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19 APIs, Digital Fleet, Gig Wage, Tupelo, Philosophy Quotes

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Transportation, and QR Codes. Highlights include four more COVID-19 APIs, plus an API for Gig Worker, a payments solution for companies to pay freelancers and contractors. Have a look at the new entries below.


Several more COVID-19 APIs have been added to the Coronavirus category, and are listed here.

COVID Tracking Project GraphQL APITrack this API enables developers to access data mutations about the Coronavirus disease with date time values in ET. The API returns current state, county, press related, and daily information in the United States. /api/cdc-content-services-rest-api-v20

Robert-Koch Institut COVID-19 Data REST APITrack this API v1.0 pulls current Coronavirus disease information from the Robert Koch-Institut, and returns the number of confirmed cases, and deaths in Germany.

CDC Content Services REST APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve CDC media content for display. Available media types include HTML, images, buttons, badges, widgets, infographics, etc. Developers can search the available media for what they want or retrieve a specific piece of media by ID.

Ghana COVID 19 REST APITrack this API returns JSON data with COVID-19 cases in Ghana and the world. Information includes confirmed and recovered cases.

Other new additions that are not Coronavirus related are listed below.

Digital Fleet provides fleet management solutions for ready mix concrete and construction materials industries. The DigitalFleet APITrack this API provides programmatic access to the fleet tracking software, with methods to manage client dispatch, driver login history, fuel events, job sites, trailers, trucks, locations, vehicle measurement, and vehicle test. The API is listed in Transportation.

Digital Fleet API

Screenshot: Digital Fleet

Beaconstac provides engagement and proximity marketing products. The Beaconstac QR Code APITrack this API enables developers to integrate automated QR code generation functionalities with their applications. QR Codes can be customized by changing colors, frames, and logos.The API is listed in the QR Codes category.

Automata provides market intelligence tools and services. Automata offers the Company Lookalikes APITrack this API to enable users to input a company website and receive a list of similar companies.

Gig Wage is a payments Platform designed to help businesses manage and pay their freelancers and independent contractors. The Gig Wage APITrack this API enables developers to access payments, payroll, and banking associated with independents contractors. The API supports payment details, and contractor information in JSON-formatted responses. It is listed under Payments.

Gig Wage API

Screenshot: Gig Wage

Philosophy Quotes API Track this APIqueries quotes from various authors & schools of philosophy Including Stoicism, Mysticism, and Existentialism. The API is listed under Books.

Tupelo enables developers to build Decentralized applications using Blockchain. Tupelo's ChainTree is a unique data structure in which every object is modeled independently allowing for infinite sharing. ChainTree data can be made public, private or semi-private. The APITrack this API can be accessed by using Tupelo's proprietary language-focused SDKs. The API is filed under Blockchain.

Polymath is a Securities Token platform built on blockchain. Polymath's Polymesh is a purpose-built Ethereum blockchain solution focused on the privacy of assets, and with smart contract compliance. The APITrack this API and SDKs can be used to apply tokenization to assets such as bonds, debt, real estate, fine art, and intellectual property. The API is also filed under Blockchain.

CouponAPI features include a single APITrack this API to get coupons from all popular affiliate networks, unlimited stores, easy Integration, store and category mapping, incremental feeds, and WordPress plugin. It is filed under Coupons.

CompanyHouse ives users information about German companies, their management and network connections. The CompanyHouse APITrack this API is a GraphQL API that gives you easy access to the CompanyHouse data universe. Developers can access to over 8.5 million company and manager profiles from the database, which includes automatic comparison to ensure that data is up to date every day. It's filed under Business.

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