Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, CarMD, melodyRepo, Fetching, CarMakerModel

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Beer, Real Estate and Auto. Highlights include an API that returns data about used cars for resellers, an API for home brew community data, and an API for open data about COVID-19 cases in Canada. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


mediastack APITrack this API returns live news and blog articles from nearly 8000 news sources from 50 countries and a number of categories, including business, health, sports, etc. Use this API to retrieve live news, historical news, and headlines in 13 languages. It returns author, title, description, URL, source, image, category, language, country, and date. This API is from apilayer, a provider of APIs and SaaS applications for developers, and is listed in the News Services category.

CarMakerModel database contains information about the makes and models of cars manufactured from 1899-2021. CarMakerModel Car List APITrack this API provides data about automobile models, by year, by make, by year & make, by trim, by vehicle drive types, and by vehicle models. Interested developers may register for an account and subscribe for data. Find this API in the Auto category.

ISC is the leading provider of registry and information management services for Canada public data and records. The ISC Land Search APITrack this API returns Saskatchewan Land Registry and Judgment Registry data. It returns parcel number, land description, title number, owner name, client number, interest number, debtor name, judgement registry number and land title registration number. Find this API in the Real Estate category.

Canada Open Covid APITrack this API provides data about the Coronavirus/COVID19 virus in the nation of Canada. Data returned includes active cases, cumulative cases, recovered, deaths, province, and testing information. It is provided by the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group, a dedicated team of volunteers with expertise in epidemiology, public health, and data science. It is listed in the Coronavirus category.

melodyRepo let's user query Go repos by packages, versions, and releases via GraphQL. The melodyRepo APITrack this API enables users to extract data from the melodyrepo service, a caching server that analyzes Go programming language ("GoLang") repositories to extract and normalize package metadata and archives. To Fetch and analyze Go repositories locally, you would need to install a number of version control and other tools, but melodyRepo API uses HTTP instead. This API is listed in the DevOps category.

CarMD provides telematics solutions for the automotive aftermarket (used car resellers). The CarMD Vehicle APITrack this API enables users to retrieve data about automobiles via RESTful interface with JSON responses. Methods are available to return VIN Decode, OBD2 Port location, maintenance, repair, diagnostics, upcoming repairs, recalls, warranty, image, year, make, model, and engine. The API is also listed in the Auto category.


Screenshot: CarMD

Fetching APITrack this API enables search of bookmarked web pages by title, URL, date, tags, and ID. Fetching is a bookmarking application that keeps track of all the web pages you visit and indexes them so you can find them from a search engine interface. This API is listed under Bookmarks.

Brewer's Friend provides news, recipes, calculators and forums for home-brew beer makers. The Brewer's Friend APITrack this API enables users to retrieve data about brew sessions, fermentation, recipes from a community of beer makers. This API is listed in the Beer category.

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