Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Commerce Layer, Prompty, Acumatica, Gravatar

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Avatars, COVID-19, and Notifications. Highlights include an API for integrating with Acumatica ERP Platform, an API for measuring employee moods, and a COVID-19 API from U.K.'s NHS. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Four more APIs were recently added to our growing list of COVID-19 APIs in the Coronavirus category, and are listed below.

NHS Coronavirus APITrack this API provides the latest COVID-19 content in the UK including information and advice, treatments, and tracing data. This information is available in JSON and XML format. It is offered by the United Kingdom National Health Service.

For the following three APIs, developers need to setup their own Twitter Authentication in Postman, and provide their own YouTube API keys.

WHO COVID-19 Feeds REST APITrack this API provides Twitter and YouTube API feeds and RSS feeds associated with the World Health Organization.

ECDC COVID-19 Feeds REST APITrack this API enables developers to pull information from the ECDC's RSS, YouTube and Twitter feeds.

CDC COVID-19 Feeds APITrack this API provides Twitter and YouTube API feeds and RSS feeds associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Gravatar provides globally recognized avatars, or images that travel with a user from site to site when they do things like comment or post on a blog. The Gravatar XML-RPC API enables developers to create and modify avatars programmatically. The API supports checking whether a hash has a Gravatar, retrieving lists of addresses associated with an account, returning user images, and saving binary image data. Find this API in ProgrammableWeb's Avatars category.

Sites that user Gravatar include GitHub, WordPress, DisQus, StackOverflow and others

Sites that user Gravatar include GitHub, WordPress, DisQus, StackOverflow and others. Screenshot: Gravatar

Acumatica is a cloud enterprise Resource management (ERP) platform. The Acumatica APITrack this API provides SOAP and XML formats to retrieve ERP data for cloud services. Use this API to get data records from Acumatica, process these records, save, create new or updated records, plus integrate warehouse data, stock items, purchase receipts, and sales orders. Find this API in the Enterprise category.

neuralstyle.art enables users to turn photos into HD artwork. The neuralstyle.art APITrack this API enables developers to turn photos into art and vectorized images. The API outputs highly detailed 15 megapixel images. The platform supports custom styles and adjustments such as brush size, color transfer, contrast enhancement, and output quality. This API is listed in the Art category.

Commerce Layer provides a Headless Commerce platform for global brands. The Commerce Layer APITrack this API uses JSON API to integrate commerce features into applications. Methods are available to manage SKU, payments, shipping methods, merchants, inventory models, gift cards, delivery times, and customer addresses and more. It is listed in the eCommerce category.

Prompty offers tools to engage subscribers via automatic welcome notifications. The Prompty Server APITrack this API enables developers to send web notifications using HTTP POST methods. JSON formatted payloads are required. Prompty supports notification reports to determine performance, and to see how many people received the notification, who read it, and who clicked on it. Prompty API is listed in the Notifications category.

Prompty API

Screenshot: Prompty

RunReg is an online event registration service for running events. It provides registration, fundraising, marketing, and analytics tools all in one. The RunReg.com Event Director APITrack this API allows developers to sign in and retrieve event, category, and registration data for their running events. The RunReg.com Event Search APITrack this API allows developers to get running event search results in JSON format. These results are similar to the RunReg event calendar. RunReg APIs are listed under Events.

CompanyMood is platform to measure employee satisfaction & retention. The CompanyMood APITrack this API provides access to feedback and reviews data from employees aiming to increase satisfaction and job retention. Developers can implement heartbeat, sessions, OAuth, companies, custom tags, departments, event pins, moods, and reasonings with this API.

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