Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Deliverect, Brandfetch, Artlogic, Timesheet, PeopleFinders

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Business, Contacts, and Restaurants. Highlights include an API that returns the most recent satellite imagery of Earth and an API that returns company brand logos and information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


CovidActNow APITrack this API provides state and county level confirmed cases, deaths, hospital bed capacity, and projections. V2 provides all of the same data that powers Covid Act Now, but now in a machine-readable format. Developers need to specify the location and the intervention level to read a model from the API. Dynamic forecasts based on the actually observed effect of mitigations are available. The API returns timeseries formatted in JSON or CSV, and it is listed in the Coronavirus category in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

spectator.earth tracks and monitors earth-imaging satellites so users can get up-to-date satellite imagery. The spectator.earth API allows users to interact with spectator.earth programmatically. It enablses users to search for satellite data, request images in high resolution, track satellite overpasses and more. The API is filed under Satellites.

Get recent satellite imagery with spectator-earth API

Get recent satellite imagery with spectator-earth API. Image: spectator.earth

Artlogic provides database and website solutions for galleries and artists. Artlogic Public Feeds APITrack this API enables applications and websites to get a Feed of content from a user's Artlogic Online website. The feed can return all data about the art posted on the sites, including artist, availability, description, edition, images, media files, online sales, and dozens of other options, in XML or JSON outputs. ArtLogic API is listed under Art.

Timesheet allows users to record working hours with a push of a button. Use the Timesheet APITrack this API to integrate applications with the time keeping service. Methods are available to manage users, accounts, timers, teams, projects, tasks, expense and more. This API is listed in the Time Tracking category.

Mboum APITrack this API provides real-time stock and options market data such as financial statements, news, insider trading, and more. API endpoints are available for retrieving quotes, market movers, most-watched, mutual funds, ETF, and more. The Mboum API is listed under the Financial category.

Mboum API

Screenshot: Mboum

PeopleFinders provides people search, public records and reverse phone services. The PeopleFinders PRO Contact Enrichment API provides users with real time data about people including name, age, address, phone numbers and email addresses. Data is derived from 43 billion records sourced from over 6,000 data sources, cleansed and verified for accuracy through strict quality processes and refreshed hourly. Full Documentation is provided to registered developers. It is listed in the Contacts category.

AFS Analytics is a web analytics solution that includes metrics, user behavior, SEO tool, enhanced eCommerce, and Artificial Intelligence, for digital marketing. AFS Analytics REST APITrack this API allow users to retrieve account information, traffic and eCommerce metrics for a specified period of time. It is listed in the Web Site Management category.

Deliverect is a restaurant delivery management service headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. Deliverect Public APITrack this API allows restaurants to directly connect delivery channels like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, Takeaway.com, Glovo and others with their POS system via one API. Methods are available to manage POS, reporting, fulfillment and channels. The Deliverect API is listed under Restaurants.

Brandfetch is a brand search engine. Brandfetch Brand APITrack this API provides data about company branding. It returns logo icons, logo color palette, company font, and company information such as description, keywords, banner, industry, social media pages and more. It is listed in the Business category.

Visit Finland is the national tourism organization of Finland. The VisitFinland MyStay APITrack this API enables users to query data from Visit Finland's travel product database. Methods are available to retrieve more than 3000 travel & tour products, companies, terms, and more. Retrieve ready-made product cards with product description, images, GPS coordinates, contact information in 10 languages with this API, which is located in the Tourism category.

PlateBlurer License Plate Blur APITrack this API enables users to input a still photo of vehicles with registrations plates receive data about detected blurred plate(s), probablility score, timestamp, and vertices for bounding boxes of license plates. This API is listed in the Recognition category.

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