Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Generated Photos, Proxiware, Morpheus

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Artificial Intelligence, Coronavirus, and DevOps. Highlights include four more COVID-19 APIs, plus and API that enables access to AI-generated people photographs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Another four APIs were recently added to the Coronavirus category.

WHO COVID-19 Data APITrack this API provides daily updated global data sourced from the World Health Organization. Information is classified by region. The API returns available reports based on the specified dates. This API is provided by an independent developer.

Corona Updates APITrack this API provides the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll. The API returns a short analysis about how the virus is spreading across the world.

COVID-19 Live Stats APITrack this API enables Coronavirus information updated every hour. The API returns data by country name, list of affected countries, and daily cases versus recovered patients. Information is sourced from the https://howmany.live/ website.

Coronavirus Monitor APITrack this API provides total world statistics, and histories. Additionally, the API returns the latest data per country. Data is sourced from Worldometers.info and Johns Hopkins University.

Generated Photos is a service that creates photographs of people who don't exist based on artificial intelligence. The Generated Photos APITrack this API enables users to create and add generated photos for chatbots, prototyping and design, advertising, gaming, research applications, and identity protection applications. The API is listed in the Artificial Intelligence category.

Integrate AI model photos with Generated Photos API

Integrate AI model photos with Generated Photos API. Image: Generated Photos

OpenTopography is a National Science Foundation sponsored facility located at the University of California in San Diego that offers access to high-resolution, Earth topography data and resources. The OpenTopography APITrack this API is a RESTful Web Service for global raster data which provides metadata catalogs, data management, processing, and analysis, and data space. The data was collected during the NASA Shuttle Endeavour Radar Topography Mission in February, 2000. Raster data is geospatial data based on a matrix of square areas. This API is listed in the Geology category.

Graph Countries APITrack this API is a free GraphQL API to query country-related data like currencies, languages, flags, regions & subregions, bordering countries, and distance to other countries. This API can be used to to traverse the informational tree in the other direction for tasks such as getting all countries for a specific timezone, bordering countries, or official languages. The API is listed in the Countries category.

Root SMS APITrack this API is a developer created service that enables applications to send an unlimited number of SMS messages via SOAP, using an RPC style. It allows users to focus on budgeting for communications. Root SMS information is available in English and French languages. The API is listed in Messaging.

Proxiware provides high-speed residential proxies and IP addresses in over 150 countries. The Proxiware APITrack this API enables developers to generate proxies, list gateways, bind and unbind IP addresses, and list users. The Proxiware API is listed under the Security category.

Proxiware API

Screenshot: Proxiware

Visual Composer is a WordPress website builder. The Visual Composer APITrack this API allows developers to programmatically create custom elements within the service. An element is an independent component of the system that represents an HTML based block with the ability to output media and dynamic content. While Visual Composer provides pre-built elements, this API enables users to create custom elements. The API is listed in Design.

Morpheus provides multi-cloud management and DevOps orchestration for hybrid IT services. The Morpheus APITrack this API enables management of cloud management data and offers provisioning, monitoring, logging, backups, and application deployment strategies. Methods are available to manage dashboard, reports, budgets, approvals, activity, billing, invoices, blueprints, jobs, and automation. It is listed in the DevOps category.

MicroBilt provides APIs for credit originations, background screening, employee verification, skip tracing and collections. The MicroBilt Email Validation APITrack this API validates the status of an email and returns flags indicating if the email is suspicious, fraudulent or any other risk factors. It is listed in the Email category.

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