Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, GivePulse, Symanto, SafeNote, SciNote

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Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Privacy, Science, and Coronavirus. Highlights include APIs for sending files that self-destruct, an API for non-profit fundraising, and COVID-19 data APIs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


A number of new APIs for tracking COVID-19 data have been added to our large list of APIs in the Coronavirus category and are listed below.

Cardio APITrack this API from Nubentos is a risk calculator API intended to help users find an estimate for their cardiovascular risk according to the 2013 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk and the 2013 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults.

Back4App Coronavirus COVID-19Track this API GraphQL API provides COVID-19 cases by country and date. Requests can be mutable using GraphQL to retrieve the following categories: total cases, daily number of cases, deaths, and recoveries. This API is updated daily. Wikipedia is used as the main source of information.

CovidActNow APITrack this API provides state and county level confirmed cases, deaths, hospital bed capacity, and projections. Developers need to specify the location and the intervention level to read a model from the API. Dynamic forecasts based on the actually observed effect of mitigations are available.

CoronavirusAPITrack this API provides official COVID-19 data from US government websites for the 50 states and DC. Data is currently being certified on the Blockchain. The API returns updated values for tested patients, positive cases, and deaths.

Yubico offers physical keys to login securely to computers, servers, mobile devices, and internet accounts. Yubico's YubiKey is a hardware Authentication device. The Yubico YubiAuth APITrack this API enables developers to manage YubiKey security keys, users, attributes, and sessions. Recently an Android SDK was released for developers to create applications. Yubico API is listed under Security.

SafeNote is a service that allows users to encrypt and send self-destructing notes. The SafeNote Private Note Sharing APITrack this API allows developers to share encrypted private data that self-destructs after being read, so that software engineers and businesses to share notes and messages securely. Notes can also be password-protected. The SafeNote Secure File Sharing APITrack this API allows developers to encrypt and securely transfer files up to 100MB in size. Developers can set notes and files to self-destruct after 1-336 hours or after a given number of views. Both APIs are listed in the Privacy category.

Mintec Limited Builds services for food price negotiations that are spending intelligence about food and commodities products. The Mintec Import APITrack this API allows users to access bulk upload prices from third party sources. It provides a way to automate bulk import of Cost Models, time series data, product costs, product purchases from any source into Mintec Analytics. Find this API in the Prices category.

Mintec Import API provides food product data and prices

Mintec Import API provides food product data and prices. Screenshot: Mintec

Take Note Transcription APITrack this API allows developers to get accurate, reliable, and confidential transcriptions or captions at volume using REST calls. Once transcribed, transcripts can be downloaded in TXT, DOC, RTF, XML, or SRT format. Note that XML and SRT are only available for captions. This API ISO, UK DPA, and GDPR compliant and listed in the Transcription category.

Open Skills Project provides an up-to-date, locally-relevant, and normalized taxonomy of skills and jobs that is designed to build and expand on the Department of Labor’s O*NET data resources. The Data at Work Open Skills Project APITrack this API allows developers to integrate data on jobs and skills from the Open Skills Project into their own applications. This API currently supports JSON-formatted requests and responses. Open Skills Project intends to provide a more granular common language of skills for use among industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations.

GivePulse is a complete Platform for volunteering for social good. The GivePulse APITrack this API is a RESTful service that enables users to interact with the volunteering platform. Developers can contact the provider for API and Documentation access. Find it in the Community category on ProgrammableWeb.

BikeReg provides online registration services for cycling events. The BikeReg Event Director APITrack this API allows users to sign in, and retrieve event, category, and registration data for cycling events. The BikeReg Event Search API allows users to access cycling event search data with and get event calendar results. BikeReg APIs are listed in the Cycling category.

Symanto provides pssychology Artificial Intelligence for gaining insights about consumers. The Symanto Text Analytics APITrack this API enables users to extract nuanced emotion, sentiment, topic, opinion, personality traits, and more from text. This API is listed in the Natural Language Processing category.

Detect emotion, tonality, topics from text with this API

Detect emotion, tonality, topics from text with this API. Screenshot: Symanto

No-Code Experts is an online marketplace for for buying and selling code snippets, automation scenario blueprints, templates, and raw files. The No-Code-Expert catalog APITrack this API gives users programmatic access to a directory of professional experts. Find specialists and experts from technology, SaaS, platform, country or company name. Find this API in the Directories category.

GivingTech provides fundraising technology for non-profit organizations. The GivingTech Direct Payment APITrack this API provides donation processing by credit card and PayPal for non-profit organizations. Code is available for authorizing a payment, storing affiliate code, and including payment installments plans. The API is listed in the Non-Profit category.

SciNote is an electronic lab notebook that allows users to keep all their data in one place. It also allows users to organize their data as they like while providing structure and context to notes, excel sheets, tables, checklists, and pictures. The SciNote APITrack this API provides REST calls for accessing teams, users, projects, experiments, tasks, protocols, attachments, results, reports, inventories, and more. It is listed in the Science category.

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