Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Key Cloak, Bleumi, Green Web, Quicklizard

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including COVID-19, Banking and Sustainability. Included is an API that enables users to convert spreadsheets to APIs, an API for intelligent pricing services, and an API for verifying identity in real time. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Xapix is a data Integration Platform used in the automotive, logistics and IoT industries. The Xapix COVID19 APITrack this API returns global cases and deaths associated with the Coronavirus. Latest information can be retrieved by country. The API supports up to 500,000 calls per month. The Xapix COVID19 API returns JSON formatted responses and is listed in the Coronavirus category on ProgrammableWeb.

Green Web Foundation APITrack this API returns domain data indicating if a website runs on renewable energy. The Green Web Apps show in a browser the source of energy of every visited site. To date, Internet users have performed well over half a billion checks with the apps, monitoring the emergence of The Green Web. This API is filed in the Sustainability category.

sheet2api enables developers to turn Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets into APIs. To use the sheet2api APITrack this API, developers need to format the first row of their spreadsheets with column names; the other rows may contain data in any format including symbols, numbers, dates, and words. sheet2api creates different endpoints per worksheet. The APIs feature REST architecture, and JSON responses. It is listed in the Spreadsheets category.


Screenshot: sheet2api

debricked provides open source security, vulnerability database, and user roles products. The debricked APITrack this API provides access to risk management and automation features for open source systems. The API enables users to upload dependency files, with methods to manage component files and vulnerability scans. The API is listed in the Open Source category.

TryBooking is a ticket selling service. The TryBooking APITrack this API retrieves booking information for reporting purposes, and allows developers to get data about events, tickets, ticket scans, and fundraisings. Find this API in the Booking category.

Quicklizard helps businesses turn data into pricing decisions in real time. The QuickLizard APITrack this API provides price recommendations generated by QuickLizard pricing engine, products in bulk, periodical analytics including views, conversions, and revenue, and competitor prices for products. Find this API in the Prices category.

Tap into dynamic pricing services with Quicklizard API

Tap into dynamic pricing services with Quicklizard API. Screenshot: Quicklizard

ClearPoint Strategy provides balanced scorecard solutions for performance management. The ClearPoint Strategy APITrack this API gives users programmatic access to balanced scorecard software, and is useful to automate management reporting to strategize work hacks. Methods are available to manage scorecards, objectives, measures, charts, initiatives, milestones, action items, notifications, periods, and reports. This API is listed in the Performance category.

Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, private cloud, and colocation services. The Hivelocity APITrack this API can be used to request RRDTool based bandwidth data, manage billing info, manage contacts, and more. RRDTool is the open source industry standard logging system for time-series data. This API is listed in the Cloud category.

Cubemos provides tools to verify users and create trusted profiles. The Cubemos Sanction List APITrack this API can access all relevant national and international sanction list databases with a single AI-enhanced search engine for background checks. The API allows investigating a person and checking if the person is blocklisted or sanctioned. This API is listed in the Verification category.

Verify users automatically with this API

Verify users automatically with this API. Screenshot: Cubemos

Green Dot Bank provides the "Unlimited" online bank account with cash back mobile and debit card such as free ATM withdrawal features. The Green Dot API retrieves banking data including accounts, card validation, transfers, funding, and and wallet. The API is filed under Banking.

Key Cloak is an open source identity and access management service sponsored by Red Hat. The Keycloak Admin REST APITrack this API provides methods for Authentication management, client initial access, identity providers, and protocol mappers. Advanced features include user federation, identity brokering, and social login. Find this API in the Identity category.

Bleumi enables developers to integrate digital currency payment capabilities with their applications. Bleumi supports digital currency on the following Blockchain networks: Algorand, Ethereum, rsk, xDAI, and Libra. The Bleumi APITrack this API allows users to pay using credit and debit cards, and digital currencies including Tether USD, USD Coin, Stasis EURO, and CryptoFranc. This API is listed in the Payments category.

FAIRDOM Seek APITrack this API integrates scientific data and allows the searching, listing, reading, updating, and creating many items in SEEK4Science scientific cataloguing platform, along with their attributes. Methods to manage queries, experiments, models, publications, sops, data files, activities, people, and samples are provided. This is a JSON API spec API and is listed in the Science category.

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