Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Sendbird, GlassFrog, AudioTag, FrontStream

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Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Music, SEO and Cryptocurrency. Highlights include an API for automating a smart garden, and three more APIs for COVID-19 data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Sendbird is a chat and messaging Platform. The SendBird Calls Voice APITrack this API enables developers to build immersive in-app voice integrations. The API features fully customizable call dashboard, custom metadata, and easy chat Integration. The API is listed in the WebRTC category.

Another three APIs were added to the Coronavirus category, and are listed below.

CORD-19 Search and Navigate APITrack this API is a Vespa. AI powered search of the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), running in the Vespa Cloud. Vespa is an open Big Data serving engine, a part of the Yahoo Developer Network.

COVID-19 India APITrack this API returns COVID-19 stats in India sourced from The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and covid19india.org. Developers can programmatically retrieve case counts, testing stats, hospital data, and advisories.

Ethiopia COVID-19 Response APITrack this API enables developers to write and retrieve Coronavirus data in the country of Ethiopia. Community reports are available in JSON format.

For more COVID-19 resources, see the ProgrammableWeb COVID-19 Developer Resource Center.

GeoGarage is a nautical charts platform for web and mobile. The GeoGarage APITrack this API displays nautical charts with services for interoperability with geospatial solutions. The API also returns nautical time zone information in maritime areas. It is filed under Marine.

GeoGarage API

Screenshot: GeoGarage

GlassFrog is a Holacracy platform. Holacracy is a work environment wherein teams set rules and abide by them, rather than take orders from a boss. The GlassFrog APITrack this API enables programmatic access to a Holacracy platform, a Decentralized management and organizational governance platform. Developers can implement assignments, checklist items, circles, custom fields, metrics, people, projects, and roles. GlassFrog features a multilingual interface, a mobile app, and tagging for teams within an organization. The API is listed in Management.

Rockside is a Blockchain platform that enables decentralized transactions in enterprise applications. The Rockside APITrack this API provides endpoints to manage identities or smart contracts for a given network, and to manage transactions. Rockside can be used to build decentralized finance, process management, supply chain, energy, and real estate integrations. The API is listed in Blockchain.

SmartHoldem Platform features trading, DEX games, top 64 decentralized nodes, game engine, staking program, and DAPPs and sidechains. The SmartHoldem APITrack this API returns blockchain data including accounts, blocks, transactions, peers, and transports. The SmartHoldem API is listed under the Cryptocurrency category.

SmartHoldem API

Screenshot: SmartHoldem

SEO Explorer provides marketing and search engine optimization tools including keyword search, backlink research, URL classification and more. The SEO Explorer REST APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve SEO information associated with a domain, keyword or backlink. The API returns unique links, links to homepage, domain score, and main organic competitors. It is filed under SEO.

AudioTag offers automated music recognition query support. The database contains mostly popular music (1940s to modern), rock, blues, electronic, jazz, and classics. AudioTag's engine is able to recognize different songs presented at different fragments of the same audio recording. The AudioTag APITrack this API supports several formats including ADPCM, .WAV, MPEG-1 Layer III (.MP3), Ogg Vorbis (.OGG), FLAC, Flash Video (.FLV), .AMR, and .MP4. The API is listed under Music.

geo-info Reverse Geocoding APITrack this API turns coordinates into human-readable locations. Users can input latitude and longitude, and the API will show the nearest location, with additional information about the location such as postal code, county, city, pus a list of cities and places nearby sorted by distance. This API is listed in the Location category.

URL Classification is useful for parental control systems, AdTech integrations, ISP content filters, router content filters, and end point protection systems. The URL Classification APITrack this API enables domain categorization capabilities in applications. The API supports 160 categories, 40,000,000 domains are currently in the database, and 10,000 are added every day. This API is listed in the Classification category.

GetGrowing enables developers to manage systems connected to smart gardens. The GetGrowing REST APITrack this API returns garden data associated with a particular account, lists of grow zones and information for each, lists of sensors, and grow settings. This system can be connected to Arduino or Raspberry Pi microcontroller boards, and diverse sensors. It's filed under Agriculture.

EdiNation provides products for translation, validation, and documenting business data. The EdiNation APITrack this API enables developers to process Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents, EDIFACT files, manage EDI transaction models, and process X12 files. This API is listed in the B2B category.

FrontStream provides fundraising software for non-profits. The FrontStream Charitable Donations APITrack this API can process donations by retrieving government ID, organization, category, phone number, address, city, region, zip code, and URL. The API is listed in the Funding category.

Axesso Alibaba Data Service APITrack this API enables detailed product information including reviews, manufacturer data, and pricing. API Key is implemented for Authentication. Axesso leverages product data to provide business intelligence, robotic process automation, and web scraping tools. The API is listed under the Data-as-a-Service category.

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