Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, TeamWave, DroneDeploy, Canada Post

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Twenty-one APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Shipping, and Human Resources. Featured are twelve more APIs for COVID-19 data, an API for Food Truck locations, and an API for DroneDeploy drone mapping Platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


If the amount of Coronavirus-related developer tools, hackathons, and APIs we've run across lately tells us anything, it's that the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired housebound developers to step up and take action. Check out the latest API additions added to ProgrammableWeb's Coronavirus category, all created by independent developers.

COVID Tracking Project provides a REST APITrack this API as well as a GraphQL APITrack this API to returns current state, county, press, and daily information in the United States. The COVID Tracking Project APIs enable cumulative data associated with the Coronavirus disease with date time values in ET.

Health Promotion Bureau COVID-19 APITrack this API returns current information associated with COVID-19 patients in Sri Lanka. The API supports new case count, death count, total cases, individuals in hospitals, and their global counterparts. Additionally, the API can be used to query for the cumulative total of foreigners treated in a given hospital.

Mathdroid Covid-19 APITrack this API returns COVID-19 global data from The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Data includes global summaries, global cases, cases per day, cased per region, cases per country, deaths, and global recovered patients.

About Corona Covid-19 provides statistics via REST APITrack this API from The World Health Organization Situation Reports, Johns Hopkins CSSE, The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, The National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China, The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and China CDC Weekly. This API retrieves data by country including population, number of virus confirmed, recovered, critical cases, deaths, recovered per death ratio, cases per million population, and more. The data is updated multiple times a day and more features will be added.

Coronavirus Tracker APITrack this API provides updated information associated with COVID-19. The API combines two data-sources: the Worldwide Data repository operated by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE), and U.S. County data from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors. Several SDKs are available to wrap the API.

COVID-19-REPORT APITrack this API keeps track of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Documentation retrieves brief reports, brief time series, latest cases in the world or in a specific region or country, and time series in the world or in a specific region or country.

COVID19INDIA APITrack this API is a Coronavirus tracker for cases in India. The API returns daily confirmed cases, daily deceased cases, and daily recovered cases as time series data. This information is also available cumulatively and per district.


Screenshot: covid19india

api-covid-19-india APITrack this API retrieves COVID-19 information from The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as the official source and The India COVID-19 Tracker as an unofficial source. The API retrieves daily statistics, hospital and bed statistics, contact and helplines, and notifications. In addition, it displays unofficial patient tracing data, unofficial statewise information, and unofficial patient travel history.

Coronavirus Data APITrack this API enables COVID-19 information sourced from Johns Hopkins CSSE. The API is able to return cases by country. Summaries are updated daily. The Coronavirus Data Webhooks API notifies clients when new daily data is retrieved.

covidapi.info API Builds upon the dataset of John Hopkins University of the global data of Corona Virus / Covid19. The data, originally in CSV format has been standardized and converted in to queryable REST API endpoints. The endpoints are heavily cached, updated thrice a day with a response time of sub 100 milliseconds.

UK Coronavirus Data APITrack this API serves as a data crawler to get COVID-19 figures from The National Health Service official website.

Ghana COVID 19 APITrack this API in REST architecture returns JSON data with COVID-19 cases in Ghana and the world. Information includes confirmed and recovered cases.

Other newly added APIs that are not Coronavirus related are listed below.

Canada Post offers an APITrack this API to integrate with e-commerce and retail applications. The API allows online stores to incorporate rate discovery and package tracking. API methods support specification of shipping location and delivery address, determination of shipping charges, available shipping options, completion of documentation to send a package, package tracking while en route. This API is filed under Postal.

DroneDeploy is a drone and UAV mapping platform. The DroneDeploy APITrack this API integrates drone aerial data including imagery (photo, video, and pano media), mapping, 3D models, panoramas, contours, and terrain following. With the DroneDeploy Plan API, developers can find flight plan exports, access tile templates, and take measurements programmatically. It is listed under Robots.

DroneDeploy API provides information about drone flight plans

DroneDeploy API provides information about drone flight plans. Image: Drone Deploy

Appruve APITrack this API is used to enable identity verification in applications. This interface allows developers to verify Nigerian Voter ID documentation, verify selfie images, verify using video, and retrieve verification results. The API is listed in the Verification category.

Food Truck Locator is an APITrack this API for retrieving information about food trucks in San Francisco. Data is obtained from DataSF. To locate food trucks, developers include latitude, longitude, distance between user and food truck, and status. Responses return days and hours, facility type, food items, permit, lot, and location with address. The API is listed in the Restaurants category.

Netless is an interactive whiteboard solution. The Netless APITrack this API features REST architecture, and can be used to manage whiteboard rooms, retrieve whiteboard data, convert scenes into pictures, and enable document conversion. It is listed in the Collaboration category.

TeamWave is a platform for CRM, HR Management, and Project Management. The TeamWave APITrack this API enables developers to manage reports, tasks, organizations, dashboards, projects, web forms, check-ins, time-off policy, and things to do (tasks). It is filed under Human Resources.

Professional Buyer API - AcquestizerTrack this API is a cross browser interface that selects products and services to buy. It supports a maximum of 1000 products per request and each product has a maximum of 500 features. This API is filed under Products.

Beetrack provides real-time delivery tracking for shipments. The Beetrack APITrack this API enables developers to manage delivery and logistics data, including routes, dispatch, vehicle, GPS, data, contacts, groups, and guide items. Beetrack is based in Santiago, Chile. The API is listed in Shipping.

Applitools enables tools to create and monitor mobile, web, and native applications. Applitools is an AI-based cloud engine that validates the visual aspects of any application in a fully automated way. This platform ensures that screens do not change unexpectedly by using regression tests. The Applitools REST APITrack this API integrates visual testing flows with applications. It is filed in our DevOps category.

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