Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Treez, CircleCI, Confluent, Backblaze

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Twenty-three APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Human Resources, DevOps, and Storage. Also new to the directory are ten COVID-19 APIs, and APIs for cannabis dispensary software. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


COVID-19 is still enormously affecting our lives, and new APIs continue to be added to the Coronavirus category almost daily. Recent additions can be found below, and also in the ProgrammableWeb Coronavirus Developer Resource Center, along with hundreds of other assets such as SDKs, events, and datasets.

Yahoo Knowledge COVID-19 GraphQL APITrack this API provides access to COVID-19 public data sourced and consolidated by the Yahoo Knowledge Graph Team. Data is extracted from Yahoo sources including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Weather, and Yahoo Search. The current data model includes pre-aggregated health record data broken out by geography.

COVID-19 Timeseries REST APITrack this API returns information per country and is updated daily. The API transforms the CSV data provided by the CSSE at Johns Hopkins University into JSON format. This API is provided by developer Rodrigo Pombo.

COVID-19 Simple APITrack this API returns Coronavirus information including total cases, casualties, active cases, and closed cases. The API supports global data as well as specific to several regions of Indonesia.

COVID-19 Data Visualizations APITrack this API provides statistics for all the countries including state level information for India and USA. Additionally, the API returns Vector Map (GeoJSON) information to build in-app visualizations.

covid-19india APITrack this API that returns COVID-19 data specific to each state in India.

Dataflow Kit COVID-19 Live Stats APITrack this API allows embedding free COVID-19 live statistics into sites. Methods provide data for the USA, Spain, or the World. The COVID-19 Live Stats API updates Coronavirus information every hour. The API returns data by country name Information is sourced from Worldmeters.com.

COVID-19 Johns Hopkins CSSE Data Unofficial APITrack this API returns daily reports and health related information in JSON format. This API is provided by developer Andrea Grandi.

Grupo IFT COVID-19 Dados Abertos APITrack this API provides daily, updated global Coronavirus information. Also, the API provides detailed data for Portugal.

COVID-19 Reliable Source Data APITrack this API rovides verified data from the following sources: Johns Hopkins CSSE, CDC, WHO, Statista, Humanitarian Data Exchange, and EU Open Data Portal. Data is not added if it is not confirmed by official authorities.

COVID-19 CE API retrieves Coronavirus information specific to the Brazilian state of Ceará. This API is provided by developer Erinaldo Souza.

Treez is a cannabis dispensary management & point-of-sale (POS) Platform. The Treez Customer APITrack this API enables users to manage customer id, name, email, DL, phone, and signup date. The Customer API also allows uploading documents related to a customer's profile into Treez. The Treez Ticket API enables users to search, create, and update orders for customers of a Treez portal. Treez APIs are listed in the Drugs category.

Treez API

Treez API lets developers manage cannabis sales. Screenshot: Treez.io

WorkOS provides Single Sign-On (SSO) features to developers in the form of a REST APITrack this API. The API supports directory sync, audit trail, and access control. The API is listed in the Enterprise category.

CryptoMarket is a cryptocurrency exchange for the LATAM market. The CryptoMarket APITrack this API enables developers to recreate cryptocurrency functionalities in their own applications. The API can be used to access accounts, market orders, and active orders. It is listed in the Cryptocurrency category.

Confluent is an event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka that helps companies with streaming in real-time. The Confluent Cloud Metrics APITrack this API returns operational metrics related to Confluent Cloud deployment. The HTTP API allows POST requests written in JSON and displays a time series of metrics specified by the query. Find it in the Streaming category.

US Boundaries APITrack this API from Gobsmacked Labs creates maps that display all US county, zip code, city boundaries without loading all data at the same time. Developers can search by distance or another administrative boundary. This API is filed under the Zip Codes category.

TravelNurseSource is a traveling nurse job and Resource marketplace. The TravelNurseSource APITrack this API is a RESTful service for managing jobs, leads, emails and other data from a traveling nurse job database. The TravelNurseSource API is listed in ProgrammableWeb's Jobs category.

ShayShay REST APITrack this API retrieves random NFL hall of famer Shannon Sharpe quotes and sayings. This API is open and free and is filed in the Entertainment category.

CircleCI is a platform for developers to create, test, integrate, and deploy code for projects. The CircleCI APITrack this API allows developers to retrieve user information, retrieve project information, and retrieve Builds for projects. CircleCI offers Continuous Integration and delivery ( CI/CD) features like pushing code to GitHub and deploying code to servers. The API is listed in the DevOps category

Openforce provides software for independent contractor services. The Openforce APITrack this API allows users to manage independent contractors, with methods for enrollment, jobvite, subcontractors, contracts, negotiations, disbursements, commissions, deductions, and more. This API is listed in the Human Resources category.

Openforce API

Openforce API lets users interact with independent contractor administration services. Screenshot: Openforce

Nubentos Badakit Healthcare APITrack this API by CysNet Software, aims to diagnose ailments faster by automatically analyzing doctor's notes in real-time. Badakit Healthcare offers medical record access for physicians, hospital administration, and knowledge analysts. The API processes information from other sources of free text, marking terms that correspond to a medical taxonomy, such as SNOMED CT, ICD-9, and ICD-10, relying on medical dictionaries. It is listed in the Healthcare category.

FullStack.cash BCH APITrack this API allows applications to interact with the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. It enables management for blockbook, blockchain, control, Encryption and others. It allows users to get UTXOs associated with an array of addresses, get details about an unspent transaction output, search the blockchain for a public key that is associated with a BCH address and more. The API is listed under Bitcoin.

Backblaze provides backup and cloud storage services. The Backblaze B2Cloud Storage APITrack this API is a cloud service tool for storing files in the cloud. With the B2 Cloud Storage API, users can manage the configuration of their accounts, create and manage the buckets that hold files, and upload, download, and delete files. The Backblaze S3 Compatible APITrack this API allows existing S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) integrations and SDKs to easily integrate with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. API calls are available for uploads, multipart uploads, bucket creation and deletion.

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