Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Weatherbit, RealtimeSocket, IPinfo, Mailcheap

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Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Cryptocurrency, and Financial. Highlights include more COVID-19 APIs, Weatherbit Climate API, and the API-first email server Mailcheap API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


IPinfo.io offers services used to pinpoint users' locations, customize their experiences, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance. Two more APIs from the company have been added to the Security category. The IPinfo.io Abuse Contact APITrack this API returns contact data belonging to the abuse contact of every IP address on the Internet, including email address, postal/ZIP code, city, state, country, name, network, and phone number. The IPinfo.io Privacy Detection APITrack this API allows detecting various methods used to mask a user's true IP address, including VPN detection, proxy detection, tor usage, or a connection via a hosting provider.

CovidQL GraphQL APITrack this API enables mutable queries associated with the Novel Coronavirus strain. The API returns current cases and recovered patients in the specified country. Data is sourced from Worldometers.info.

Coronavirus Flutter Course APITrack this API provides updated confirmed cases related to COVID-19. This is an interface used by Code With Andrea to teach how to build Coronavirus tracking applications on the Teachable Platform.

M Media COVID-19 APITrack this API provides updated information associated with the Novel Coronavirus disease. The API returns confirmed cases, recovered, and deaths. Additionally, the API offers country specific data including total population, area in kilometers, and life expectancy.

The 3 APIs above were added to ProgrammableWeb's growing list of APIs in the Coronavirus category.

Host.io domain name data solution. The database contains information for every domain across every TLD, and it includes details such as backlinks, DNS records, outbound links, and shared IPs. The Host.io Domain Data APITrack this API retrieves domain data for developers. The API token is used to authenticate and can be provided as an HTTP Basic Auth username, a bearer token, or alternatively as a token URL parameter. The API is listed in the Domains category.

Hostio API

Screenshot: Host.io

dblp computer science bibliography provides open bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings. The dblp APITrack this API enables users to search for publication, author, or venue. It is listed in the Publishing category.

RealtimeSocket APITrack this API provides financial data in a socket format so you don't have to keep making REST API requests. It will return FTSE, DOW, Bitcoin, Gold, S&P500, and Nasdaq updates automatically in the websocket. The RealtimeSocket API is listed under the Financial category.

Mailcheap is an API-first email hosting service. The Mailcheap APITrack this API enables developers to manage dedicated email servers. The API supports two-factor Authentication, account recovery, retrieving account information, retrieving domain information, and getting server logs. It is filed under Email.

Weatherbit Climate NormalsTrack this API returns 30 year historical climate normals ranging from monthly to hourly intervals with a period of calculation of 1981 to 2010. Data is sourced from the ERA5-Land dataset. Developers can get temporal averages for temperature, dew point, wind speed, precipitation, and snowfall. This API is listed in the Weather category.

DeCurret APITrack this API enables developers to integrate cryptocurrency exchange capabilities with their applications. Several cryptocurrencies are supported including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is filed under Cryptocurrency.

Tezos is a Blockchain open-source platform. The TzStats APITrack this API retrieves satistical data from the Tezos blockchain including accounts, bigmaps, blocks, blockchain configuration, contracts, cycles, elections, indexer status, and marker tickers. It is also listed in Cryptocurrency.

Algorand is a cryptocurrency with an open blockchain protocol. The Algorand APITrack this API provides blockchain services for financial operations. Algorand in REST architecture supports JavaScript, Python, Java, and Go programming languages to access the API. It is also listed in Cryptocurrency.

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