Daily API RoundUp: DarkOwl, Shadowserver, SmartIP, Airgloss

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Blockchain, Payments, and Security. Highlights include the DARKINT Suite API that provides risk intelligence about a company's darknet digital footprint. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Bitski enables Ethereum wallet transactions in applications and games. Developers integrating with Bitski APITrack this API can access users' addresses, submit transactions for approval on behalf of users, create and manage a wallet, and deploy contracts. The API features Integration for Unity, NodeJS, Python, Swift, and Javascript SDKs, and listed in the Blockchain category.

Bitski wallet features Single Sign-On and bank-grade security

Bitski wallet features Single Sign-On and bank-grade security. Image: Bitski

Linguatools provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) data tools. The Linguatools Sentence Generating APITrack this API implements a realiser for English sentences. Users input words for subject, verb, and object and a grammatical English sentence is generated. Users can control features like tense, modality, sentence type (e.g. question), active-passive, and others. This API is listed in the Natural Language Processing category.

Cloud Wallet is a double-entry ledger that enables users to assign wallets and carry out transactions between connected devices or between users within a network. The Cloud Wallet APITrack this API enables closed-loop transactions between application users or IoT devices. This service is scalable, reduces app development time to market, and is cost-effective. The Cloud Wallet API is listed under the Payments category.

SmartIP.io provides fast, secure information about IP addresses. With SmartIP APITrack this API users can enrich any IP address with geolocation data, ASN and hostname information, enforce GDPR compliance, assess potential risks and much more. The API also returns timezone, currency, and cryptocurrency data. The API is listed in the Location category.

Airgloss provides air quality and advanced building automation services. The Airgloss ComfortKit APITrack this API monitors air quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It aims for a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home. Developers need to contact the provider for more information and access. Integrate Airgloss sensors in software solution or any kind of BMS, with the API available to developers for third party integration. This is a Home Automation API.

Shadowserver is a non-profit, watchdog group of security professionals that gather, track, and report on malware, botnet activity, and e-fraud. The Shadowserver APITrack this API provides a lookup mechanism to test an executable file against a list of known software applications. The details are serialized in JSON for integration with your application. This API is listed in the Security category.

BloodAPI is a REST API that allows access to data about blood donations in the United Kingdom. The data served from this API is sourced from The National Blood Service. This API is listed in the Health category.

DarkOwl's DARKINT Suite is a database of darknet, dark web, deep web and high-risk surface net content and data. The DarkOwl DARKINT Vision APITrack this API queries DarkOwl Vision's collection of DARKINT™ data with Booleans, filters, and fields and calculates DARKINT scores based on the quantity, quality, and freshness of exposed darknet data. This API is listed in the Search category.

DARKINT API provides scores for how exposed a company is on the dark web

DARKINT API provides scores for how exposed a company is on the dark web. Screenshot: DarkOwl

OpenTelemetry is a Platform used to generate, collect, and describe measurement data. OpenTelemetry is capable of collecting basic context propagation, distributed traces, and metrics. Developers can utilize OpenTelemetry SDKs to integrate critical telemetry data with the backend of their choice. We have listed this service in the Monitoring category.

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