Daily API RoundUp: DeepPavlov, Nameror, strongDM, Poool, Skrapp

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Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Names, and Monitoring. Highlights include an API for conversational AI and an API for integrating a paywall service into applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


DeepPavlov is an open source conversational AI Framework. The DeepPavlov APITrack this API enables conversational models to be available as REST web services. API routes include model, probe, API, and Documentation. Find this API in the Natural Language Processing category in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

DeepPavlov API

Image: DeepPavlov

Fidel UK is one API to link bank cards with applications, globally. The Fidel UK APITrack this API retrieves global payment data in real-time. With the API, developers can implement cards, offers, locations, and transactions into applications. It is listed in the Payments category.

Totango provides customer service success software. The Totango Touchpoints APITrack this API can be used to create, delete, update, and read touchpoints on accounts in Totango. Touchpoints denote interactions with your customer. There is a global rate limit of 1,000 calls/minute for each token and the touchpoint length is limited to 3,000 characters. This API is listed in the Customer Service category.

Nameror APITrack this API is used to determine the gender and name type of a name which is done by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Get requests return gender of name (female, male, both) and probability of correctness. Post requests are used to correct the name if the gender was delivered incorrectly. The API is filed under Names in the directory.

Grade provides reputation and customer reviews management software. The Grade APITrack this API returns reputation management features. Methods are available to manage include users, profiles, links, reviews, and recipients. The API is in the Reputation category.

Video: YouTube/Gradeus

strongDM enables developers to audit and manage remote access to databases, servers, and clusters. The strongDM APITrack this API offers remote access resources such as role grants, accounts, gateways, and relays. strongDM simplifies on-boarding, off-boarding, and evidence collection for technical teams. Find this API in the Monitoring category.

Poool enables developers to integrate paywall services with their applications. Poool's dynamic paywall provides ways to offer users personalized compensation choices when accessing content. Poool conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Poool APITrack this API offers access to user data, surveys, statistics plus easy Integration with CRM, data and analytics systems. It's filed under Payments.

Skrapp helps professionals find verified B2B emails and connect with relevant people. Skrapp APITrack this API enables users to get data about email finding for lead generation services. API methods are available to manage email finder, account data, listing leads contact ada, listing data, and more. The Skrapp API is listed in the Sales category.

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