Daily API RoundUp: Devo, issuerQL, RedTie, GoldAPI, IAPHUB

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Twelve APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Payments, and Messaging. Highlights include the ProjectManager API for integrating with project management software, and the Devo API for security operations functions. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ProjectManager is cloud based project management software. The ProjectManager APITrack this API enables programmatic interaction with project management functions including tasks, resources, timesheets, files, and projects. Find this API in ProgrammableWeb's Project Management category.

ProjectManager features Kanban boards and other layouts

ProjectManager features Kanban boards and other layouts. Image: ProjectManager

Devo allows businesses to use their machine data for analytics and to improve security operations. The Devo Platform can ingest data from any source including IT network devices, network components, cloud services, IoT services, social network feeds, and databases. The Devo REST APITrack this API can be utilized to access domain administration features, search for data, and access Activeboards. The API supports redirecting requests asynchronously to Apache HDFS, Amazon S3, and Apache Kafka repositories. This API is listed in the Security category.

RedTie is cloud based communication platform. The RedTie APITrack this API allows developers to access the platform using REST calls. This platform provides a multi-channel messaging suite for businesses that encompasses text, email, voice, chat, and social channels. Developers can use the API to read, modify, add, or delete data from their platform. This API is also listed in the Messaging category.

QuantLayer issuerQL allows developers to programmatically retrieve US issuer and security information. Data can be accessed by issuer CIK or security symbol. The issuerQL APITrack this API returns SEC filings, exchange changes, and issuer information and their respective securities. This API can be utilized to perform US public market financial data studies using up to date information. It is listed in the Stocks category.

IssuerQL API

Screenshot: issuerQL

PostFinance is a Fintech company based in Switzerland. The PostFinance E-Payment APITrack this API enables developers to programmatically access financial-related resources in their applications. The API returns hosted checkout data, payment information, refund processing information, and product data. It is filed under Payments.

GoldAPI is a free RESTful JSON gold and silver prices APITrack this API. The API provides live Feed and daily historical precious metals spot prices & rates from COMEX & LBMA and is targeted to start-ups, bullion dealers, pawnbrokers & investors. This API is in the Financial category.

Channelize.io is a Communications-Platform-as-a-Service product (CPaaS). The Channelize Chat API enables in-app user-to-user communications with text chat, video, and audio calling. This API is listed in the Messaging category.

Add rich conversation functions such as emojis to in-app chats with this API

Add rich conversation functions such as emojis to in-app chats with this API. Screenshot: Channelize.io

Wallex is a foreign exchange (Forex) service aimed at businesses. The Wallex APITrack this API allows integrating payments, conversions, and collections. Wallex covers Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong markets, with more than 40 currencies supported. This API is listed in the Payments category.

Checkbook.io is a checking service that aims to eliminate paper checks. The Checkbook.io APITrack this API enables applications to send and receive funds without checks. Additionally, the API can enable custom 'marketplaces' for onboarding buyers and sellers. Marketplaces could be used for landlords, freelancers, or building an accounting platform. This API is also listed in the Payments category.

Signiant Jet is an SaaS solution for moving large data sets between locations around the globe. The Signiant Jet APITrack this API allows for sharing content and transferring files between systems. Methods are available for jobs and storage profiles. This API is listed in the File Sharing category.

IAPHUB provides in-app purchase and subscription management services. The IAPHUB REST APITrack this API allows developers to manage users and retrieve purchase details in their applications. The IAPHUB API supports event-based notifications about the service. These APIs are listed in the Purchasing category.

Worlwide Recipes APITrack this API enables users to search over 2 million recipes. Features include suggest, search, profile, related recipe, review, explore and more. Find this API in the Food category.

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