Daily API RoundUp: DigitaltMuseum, Pixelixe, InstaFeed, Pikaso, Typesense

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Eleven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Social, Data Mining and Graphics. Highlights include an API which provides data about the DigitaltMuseum collection in in Norway and Sweden and an API to retrieve postal codes from around the world. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Pixelixe APITrack this API auto-generates social media visuals, banners, images and more. Design a template in Pixelixe and it will be automatically turned into an API, enabling users to generate unlimited variations of images. This API is listed in the Graphics category.

Pixelixe API

Image: Pixelixe

BrandVantage Webpage APITrack this API turns ordinary HTML pages to WebPage Schema objects. The WebPage API uses multiple methods, including meta and social tags, microdata and JSON+LD, to identify and set various properties on a WebPage Schema object. This API is listed under Data Mining.

InstaFeed APITrack this API provides a Feed of content from a user's Instagram account. The API offers an Endpoint for Instagram content projects and provides JSON data including media type, media URL, permalink, username, caption and time stamp. This API is listed in the Social category.

Friends+Me enables users to schedule times for sharing social media content. The Friends+Me APITrack this API enables users to manage Friends+Me account resources such as teams, queues, posts and drafts. This service works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It is also listed in the Social category.

DigitaltMuseum provides access to more than 5 million objects from over 250 museums and collections in Norway and Sweden. The DigitaltMuseum APITrack this API offers data search to the Digital Museum, with display of images and access to XML for objects. Search for artifacts by object type (architecture, fine art, photograph, person, etc.) or name, title, classification, material, producer, technique, event and more. The collections can be used for studies, teaching, articles, genealogy and more. API Documentation is in the Norwegian language. Find this API in the Museums category.

DigitaltMuseum API

Screenshot: DigitaltMuseum

Zipcodebase APITrack this API offers free postal code data from over 100+ countries all around the world. It also provides endpoints to conduct radius or distance calculations. It is listed in the Zip Codes category.

Pikaso is a service for creating clutter-free screenshots of Twitter posts. The Pikaso APITrack this API can be used to automate creating Tweet screenshots. Users post the URL of the tweet with parameters for layout style, theme, and size and get screenshot image in return. This API is available to Pikaso Business plan subscribers. This API is filed under Screenshots in the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Pikaso API

Image: Pikaso

Typesense is an open source, typo tolerant search engine, with a REST APITrack this API. Retrieve, curate, and manage documents from the Typesense service via this API, which is listed in the Search category.

7pace offers time management for Azure DevOps, TFS, VSTS with 7Pace Timetracker. This RESTful 7pace Timetracker APITrack this API has methods for managing time tracking for software development services by client, current client, latest client, start and stop times, activity checks, search and more. The 7pace Timetracker API provides Integration for client time tracking via 3 ways: RESTful API, OData API and SignalR\n within ASP.NET applications. It is listed under Time Tracking.

Unofficial Kinopoisk APITrack this API provides information about movies/staff/tv show and other data from Kinopoisk, a Russian online database of information related to films. This API is not officially associated with Kinopoisk. Find this API in the Entertainment category.

Unofficial Idealista APITrack this API enables users to query for sale or rent properties in Italy, Spain and Portugal, as on the Idealista website. This API is not officially associated with Idealista.

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