Daily API RoundUp: DLive, Shake, Sherpa, Jaxsta, visadb

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Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Travel, Motion and Jobs. Highlights include a GraphQL API for the DLive streaming video Platform, and two APIs that provide International travel information including COVID-19 restrictions. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


DLive is a live video and game streaming platform that uses Blockchain for its servers and donation systems. The DLive APITrack this API enablea users to query the content on DLive using GraphQL. Find streams, users, avatars, followers etc. via DLive API. This API is listed in the Streaming category.

Trip to Carbon provides simple carbon emission calculation tools for travel. The Trip to Carbon APITrack this API provides a travelers' carbon footprint based on available fuel usage or distance traveled. The carbon footprint is provided in kilograms, based on input of what kind of fuel, country traveled, motorbike, transit, bus, bike, type of flight and other parameters. The API uses two methods outlined by the IPCC, DEFRA U.K & GHG Protocol to determine the footprint. It is listed in the Sustainability category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Trip To Carbon API

Screenshot: Trip to Carbon

Freelancehunt is a job marketplace for freelance workers and employers in Russian, Ukranian and English languages. The marketplace includes more than 240 000 contractors in over 120 categories such as web development, social media marketing, SEO, finance, marketing, application developers and more. The Freelancehunt APITrack this API offers programmatic access to the content on the website, with methods to manage projects, freelancer profiles, employer profiles, reviews, feeds, thread, contests, skills, countries and cities. This API is listed under Jobs.

visadb offers is an Internet Visa Database that offers tools including APIsTrack this API for visas and immigration data. The database provides data about visa and entry, safety, security, COVID-19 measures and restrictions, health risks, laws & culture and real-time alerts for more than 190 countries. visadb is funded by the European Union, the Republic of Poland, the Government of Chile, the MIT Enterprise Forum and many other organizations. Developers must register for a demonstration in order to access the APIs and Documentation. This API is listed in the Travel category.

Shake is bug reporting tool for mobile applications. With Shake, when a user notices a bug, they can shake their mobile device to report the bug to the developer. This APITrack this API is indirectly accessible by an iOS SDKTrack this Framework/Library. This API is listed in the Motion category.

Enable applications to report bugs via a user shaking their device

Enable applications to report bugs via a user shaking their device via Shake API. Screenshot: Shake Technologies

Sherpa offers eVisas, Electronic Travel Authority (eTA), travel restriction products and information. The Sherpa APITrack this API provides data for travel requirements including COVID-19 travel restrictions, border control and quarantine requirements by country or region, eVisa and eHealth Ancillaries, visa status and validity information, and more. Data is refreshed as often is daily. A Sandbox and Open API standard, identified by IATA as the best practice for the airline industry are featured. This API is filed under Air Travel.

Jaxsta provides music industry data. The Jaxsta APITrack this API enables developers to retrieve data from its music creation database, offering data about artist, songwriter, engineer, producer, mixer, session musician, record label and more. This API is in development and interested developers can contact the provider for access. The Jaxsta API is listed in the Music category.

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