Daily API RoundUp: Duffel, Globaleur, Click Guardian, Munzee

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Nine APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Air Travel, Travel and Games. Highlights include a "smart" dictionary API which returns definitions as well as linguistic analysis, an API for chess, and several travel APIs. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


Munzee is a scavenger hunt game played via a mobile application while a user is out in the real world. The Munzee APITrack this API offers data about the game to create new applications. The API provides methods to manage players, maps, clans, leaderboards, capture, and lists. This API is listed in the Games category of the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Munzee augmented reality scavenger hunt game Android screenshots

Munzee augmented reality scavenger hunt game Android screenshots. Image: Munzee/Google Play

Joe's Chess API offers moves based on AI, legality of moves, game status (white won, black won, in progress, stalemate, etc.), and string representation of the chess board. This API is also listed under Games.

HuntScore provides big game hunting maps, data, and tools. The HuntScore APITrack this API retrieves data from the HuntScore website including counties, drawings, harvests, records, photos, scores, posts, tips, states, and units. This API is currently available by invitation-only. It is filed in the Recreation category.

XF English Dictionary APITrack this API provides definitions, linguistic analysis, and related words for more than one million words and phrases (including many proper nouns, for example names of cities, famous people etc). Get examples, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations (including audio) and learner-friendly word frequency data with this API, which is listed in the Dictionary category.

Duffel is a travel Platform that offers tools for flight booking. The Duffel APITrack this API enables users to search, book and manage flights across more than 20 airlines. Methods are available to retrieve aircraft , airlines, and airport schema, plus manage booking offers, orders, cancellations, payments, seat maps, and reshop offers. The Duffel API is listed in the Air Travel category.

Globaleur provides digitalization infrastructure for travel. The Globaleur Content APITrack this API provides details and photos for 1 million points of interest in 200 cities. The API returns unique information such as themes, suggested visit duration. Methods are available to manage cities, countries, places, themes, trips, users and weather. Find the Globaleur API in the Travel category.

Travaxy Accessible travel solutions APITrack this API offers accurate accessibilty information about accommodation for travelers with disabilities and senior travelers. This includes disabled/senior hotel services and airline passenger services with methods for specific wheelchair size, disability type, hotel or airline certification type and more. Travaxy Accessible API is also listed in the Travel category.

Golemio is Prague's Data Platform that provides data and direct links to the specific needs of Prague, its citizens and its visitors. The Golemio APITrack this API provides data from the city of Prague such as air quality, parking, public spaces, public transport, traffic and waste. The Golemio API is filed under Cities.

Click Guardian is click fraud protection service to stop competitors, bots and people from excessively clicking on Google Ads. Click Guardian APITrack this API enables users to control all aspects of their click fraud protection within their own applications or internal systems. API and Documentation access can be available for developers who contact the provider. The API is listed in the Advertising category.

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