Daily API RoundUp: eBay, Minut, Actionstep, TeamMood, MetOcean, Aweform

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Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Weather and Security. Featured is an API for optimizing legal office workflow, and API for short-term rental noise monitoring, and APIs for marine weather. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.


ProgrammableWeb has added two recent API releases from eBay into its eCommerce category. This eBay Deal APITrack this API provides developers with the ability to search for and retrieve details about eBay deals and events.=. It allows users to retrieve a paginated set of deal items, return a paginated set of event items, retrieve the details for an eBay event and more. eBay Feed APTrack this APII allows sellers to upload input files, download reports and files with status, the ability to filter reports, retrieve customer service metrics task details and more.

Minut provides privacy-safe noise monitoring using camera-free sensors that measure sound levels without recording or listening. The Minut APITrack this API retrieves JSON data to monitor home noises without intrusion, targeted to property managers of short-term rentals. The API features methods for devices, events, homes, and users. Find this in the Home Automation category.

Enable applications to monitor rentals for noise levels with this API

Enable applications to monitor rentals for noise levels with this API. Screenshot: Minut

Aweform is a Platform for surveys, quizzes, and polls. The Aweform APITrack this API enables developers to access survey, quiz, and poll form responses which can be added to a CRM or to send customized email to respondents. This API is listed in the Forms category.

XcooBee is a privacy and contactless payment platform with cyber-security features and data protection features. XcooBee offers frictionless cookie management, email guard, marketing consent management, and secure file transfer. The XcooBee GraphQL APITrack this API enables developers to request queries and mutations. Find this API in the Privacy category.

Actionstep offers legal practice management softoware. The Actionstep APITrack this API enables developers to integrate legal practice workflow features to define the steps, tasks and timing of any process to increase automation. The Actionstep API allows programmatic access to documents and management tools. The API is filed in the Law category.

Green Invoice is an invoicing service based in Israel. The Green Invoice APITrack this API returns invoices, accounts, businesses, clients, suppliers, documents, expenses, payments, and partners. The main website displays content in Hebrew. This API is listed in the Invoicing category.

Cubemos provides tools to verify users and create trusted profiles. The Cubemos Sanction List APITrack this API can access all relevant national and international sanction list databases with a single AI-enhanced search engine for background checks. The API allows investigating a person and checking if the person is blocklisted or sanctioned. This API is filed under Background.

Barchart provides quotes, charts and market data for the commodity, stock, Forex and ETF markets. The Barchart Alert APITrack this API provides specifications for interacting with alerts and notifications from Barchart. Methods are available for data structure, data sources, alert operations, connecting, security and more. This API is listed in the Stocks category.

TeamMood provides tools for managers to measure the well-being of workplace teams. The TeamMood APITrack this API enable users to have programmatic access to TeamMood's services for determining and measuring team morale. It provides a way to retrieve all the moods for the past 30 days and retrieve the participation rate of a team for a period of time. Find this API in the Human Resources category.

TeamMood anonymously tracks how people feel about their work day

TeamMood anonymously tracks how people feel about their work day. Image: TeamMood

TransChain is a Blockchain platform designed to meet the data privacy requirements of businesses, and to facilitate cloud integrations. The TransChain Katena APITrack this API enables developers to access blockchain data in their applications. The API returns information associated with transactions, company keys, and certificates. Find this API in the Blockchain category.

MetOcean Solutions is a division of state-owned enterprise, Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService) that offers marine weather information. Two APIs from the agency have been added to the Weather category. MetOcean Forecast Data Time Series APITrack this API provides forecasted sea surface temperature, visibility, wave height, period and direction of total sea state and swell, wind speed and direction. air temperature, and ocean surface currents. MetOcean Hindcast Statistics APITrack this API provides access to 37 years of data about oceans, including frequency of wave height, period and direction for each month, frequency of wind speed and others.

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